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weekend review

Weekend review


This past weekend was full of family fun.  Well, mostly fun, I did make Lars help me clean but that was not too much time.  We started out the weekend with plans to go to an airshow.  It was pretty small and very close and we met our friend Amber (mother to Niamh’s daycare bf) and we hung out watching biplanes and Cessna land and take off.  It was only a grass track but we were allowed to be really close.  I remember my dire warnings about FOD (foreign object debris) and we took no hats or anything that could blow away and that was a good thing because it gets windy on a runway.  We only stayed for an hour or so because I am trying to keep to the nap schedule as laid out by daycare but it was a fun hour.  Unfortunately I left my camera in the car so all the cuteness was not captureable.  The most cute thing we did was loop the sling around Niamh and her BF with a twist in the middle so both had a side.  We completely expected them to fall over or pull each other over but they actually adjusted nicely and ran off together.  They kinda took turns leading but they were really pretty fast.  There was a fall in the end but given that she sometimes falls for no reason at all I count it as a win.  


Our early leave was not for nothing because she took a nice nap and woke up happy and during her nap we got to relax a bit.  Saturday night we were invited to a luau themed party at a friends house.  We got all dressed and sadly, Niamh had the most Hawaiian outfit – I had to really make due with a tankini top that is floral/Hawaiian/abstract and a skirt and Lars has the most conservative olive green and dark green Hawaiian shirt it hardly counts.  It was fun to dress up and see everyone and party a bit.  The rain kept chasing us inside but it didn’t ruin anything and nicely put out the bonfire for us around 11.  Niamh fought sleep a little but gave in and so we had a few nice hours of adult party time (not that type of adult!) and we left later then I would have liked but we had fun up to the end.  The next day was my day to sleep in and there were no head splitting emergencies and it was great to sleep extra and not be a buffet.  (yes… she is STILL eating at 3am most nights and then again around 6am and/or any time she feels like it inbetween).  In the afternoon we met up with Amber and Jon and we took the kids to the fun set of parks in town and I think Lars and Jon had as much fun as the kids.  I did manage to take a bunch of good pictures of this adventure and I think they turned out nicely.  


The week so far has been busy again.  I’m still a little bit in catch up from Pennsic, taking care of all the little things.  I’m done with all the Pennsic laundry at least but all the clean garb is dumped on the guest bed.  We decided to go to the local fight practice on Tuesday since I’m off school and its been a while and it was nice to see everyone and be involved on a local level.  The downside is I lost a day where we usually got stuff done, and, Niamh was up way past her bedtime.  We had to skip the social dinner section because she was getting squirrely but maybe next time.  Lars wants to go more often… I’m of two minds on that.  Yes we can go because I have class on Thursday’s next semester but that means we have zero days together during the week but it would be nice to be a bit more involved.  


Oh well, the rest of the week looms… later

Back to the mundane world

Here we are, gone and back from Pennsic already.  Every year it is the ‘big thing’ to look forward to and it inevetably comes to an end.  I was so wrapped up in it that I didn’t even notice the time pass and suddenly it was Thursday already!  There have been years that were not the best and plenty of the 24 other pennsics I’ve been to blend together but this one was very nice.

We ‘cheated’ a tiny bit and flew this year.  Flying is way easier and comparably priced when you consider hotel and gas and tolls but not exactly in the spirit of of ‘Pennsic Day’ (the day you road trip to Pennsic).  There is a big difference between an 8h road trip and a 15h trip though and last year with the carpet lump was bad enough, this year she would have needed sedatives or something to last all that way in her carseat.  So southwest took us in good order and we were collected and dropped off easily and the trip was very simple compared to a road trip of semi-epic proportions.  We even have enough stuff at pennsic that we were reasonably set up even.  I miss the ‘furnature’ we bring in the car but we did ok with what we had.

Niamh really liked it too.  She adores outside so a whole week outside is great fun for her.  She is still on the super shy side and very few people got to hold her this year but she would talk to lots of people (and accept cookies from anyone!).  She was on the verge of being spoiled with all the treats different people were giving her I should have put a sign on her ‘please do not feed the Niamh, she is on a special diet’  … a diet that does not include marshmallows at 9am 🙂  No harm done and she was 90% well behaved, only one flop around on the floor and cry because I didn’t let her eat a bug or something.  She also loved the parade of people and places.  Pennsic is very colorful both metaphorically and litteraly and she viewed most of it from her stroller.  Unlike Lillies, she loved the stroller and voluntarily climbed into it lots of times.  One night she even escaped the tent at bedtime and ran for the stroller in her PJ’s.  She also got some quality naked baby time, Pennsic has plenty of naked people but none as cute as her, and there is no stigma to a little streaker in camp.

The only really weird thing was the daily military flyovers.  We usually get a few planes, and they even fly low to check us out, but one day there was a pair of Apache helicopters that really freaked our camp out.  They flew in really low and zipped all over our general area.  I hear them clear gunports and the did virtual strafing runs.  For the first min or two it was cool enough to see the show but after 5 or 6 min you get the creepy feeling that they are looking for someone and plan to shoot them down – collateral damage be darned – and I was standing there in an open field with no cover more substntial then canvas with my 15 month old baby.  Even if they didn’t plan on opening fire, they were flying dangerously and very low and I could really see an accident happen and that would be as bad as them actually shooting people.  Fire and tents do not mix!  They hovered over a camp a block away and then left – I heard an explanation that there was a commander from the air national guard on site and he had the ‘find me’ button and he was the target but I hope he and the morons in the helicopters get in big trouble for this because I was not the only one disturbed by the situation.  I’m of reasonable sound mind, I feel for the many many vets who really have seen enemy helicopters… fortunately it was the day of the woods battle so the majority of the guys were about 5 miles away and they say they only saw a brief fly over (lucky them).

Otherwise it was a beautiful weather pennsic, not to hot, not humid, rained only at night and a nice breaze most days.  The meal plan this year was yummy and my Dad found a cider I really liked alot, I vote he is in charge of the beer run next year too.  I gave myself a pass on sewing new stuff and while it worked out fine I have a mental list of a few things I really should make for next year just to be a bit more comfortable.  I also want to upgrade some of what I have, add some more accessories, and generally enhance what we have rather then mass produce more mediocre stuff~

Sunday we lounged and dwelled in post pennsic laundry and a bit of the its-over-blues and today I was kinda happy to be back at work where I could be back to my routine.  I didn’t actually miss work but I was glad to be back.

In related(ish) news my home desktop has issues so my pictures are not posted yet but I hope to load them onto the upstairs computer and then to flickr soon.  My dad also took a ton of pictures with his fancy new camera so hopefully he can post them to flicker too since he still has my login etc.