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weekend update

So a few people may have noticed my tweet on ‘babies first head wound’. It was not all that bad but really not the way I wanted to spend my Sunday. The weekend in general was mellow, we did some pennsic packing and some prep work and Sunday was my day to sleep late BUT I was waiting on an e-mail so I got up early anyway to check on it. I used the ‘my day’ card to go back to bed at 9 looking for a nice morning nap and I drifted to sleep hearing giggles trough the window as Lars and Niamh played. At 9:45 I wake up to tragic wail and Lars depositing a bleeding crying baby on me in bed. A few min with magic boobs and she was calm and drifting off to sleep so we could get a good peek at what was causing all the blood. Lars saw her trip off the step and knock her head on the planter but when we got her mellow we were able to really look and unfortunately the cut had a real gap between each side of the skin. If this was on her elbow we would have taped it up but it was on her forehead and we were hoping to avoid scars for just a little longer. The emergency room remains impressive, we were seen quickly and out the door by noon with her skin glued together. I love the skin glue stuff, I need some for home! It is in a little roll on bottle and you just hold the wound together and glue on top and 30 seconds later it is all done, no need for even a bandaid.

In other news, Niamh is getting pretty good at the communication thing and is actually saying more words in ‘English’ and uses her signs pretty well too. Yesterday we ran across babies first homophone; she is using the sign for more to mean ‘I want’ as well as ‘more’ so I was trying to teach her the actual sign for ‘I want’ and any time I said it she would point to her eye. It took me a second but I realized she did not see a difference between I and eye! Try to explain that one… She is very proud that she can point to her eye and will do so repeatedly. So the ‘I want’ sign may wait a bit, I think I’ll re-do it as just ‘want’.

Last night was my last class night, my journal is due Friday and 40 pages are underway. I decided not to post them all because I ended up using a lot of work specific references and work and internet don’t mix. I’m glad the class is over because the teacher was pretty pompous and annoying but I really liked the people I was in a group with. The work went really fast and we all had good input so it was balanced. I hope to get as lucky next semester but this group will be hard to top. Next semester starts in Sept so I’ll have a nice Aug break but I’m taking another finance class so that is not something I’m looking forward too.

Ok, back to work, I have a lot to get done before I’m gone next week for pennsic!

Ny Part II

Before I continue, one note about current events… today I finished my last group assignment for my summer class and I’m half done with the final paper.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll be done with all the work and the last class is next Tuesday.  Summer classes do go by quickly…

So we left off with everyone sleeping post wedding.  Saturday we had a very big day planned, Niamh’s first sailing trip!

The day was perfect, bright and sunny and we finally got everyone onto the boat around noon.  Niamh was not really a fan of sailing but the rest of us liked it and Dad got to show off  his skills getting us across the bay and then maneuvering all along the shore dodging little boats at anchor.  Konrad and Heather joined us so now we have tested that the flying scott can easily handle 6 adults and one baby.  We ate lunch at the ocean and watched the waves for a while.  Niamh ate sand and fed the seagulls.  The seagulls were very bold, the one I took a picture of reminded me of a very good waiter, always ready to swoop in and clear your plate.  I think they know that toddlers are worth camping out near, there is inevitably something sandy that needs to be ‘cleared’.  We all headed back across the island and then downwind across the bay.  Niamh finally seemed to be enjoying herself so we got a few pictures.  Lars and Konrad left for a party and Mom and Dad and Heather and I relaxed and enjoyed a beer at the club and then a nice dinner at home.

The next day we wanted to do something so we all decided to go see the Roosevelt house and take the tour.  The newspaper had a little typo, they said tours 1 to 3 and in reality the tours were 1 and 3 so getting there at 1:30 they would not let us join the tour in process.  We wandered down the road to the winery and

sampled some wine and watched the grapes grow.  Then we hung out on the porch and finally it was our turn for the tour.  The guide was a little cheezie and didn’t seem to know all that much but it was a cool old house to poke around.  We finished the day with pizza and a game of Mexican train dominoes where Josie had a very bad string of luck so we let her burn off points by changing the kitty litter.  Lars and Konrad arrived really late that night (morning?) so Lars could join  us for a little local beach trip on Monday.  Niamh ate more sand but had fun playing and we got to spend a little time with Miss Math.  Later we met up with April and all too soon it was time to go 😦  We were very lucky with the weather, it was not overly hot but it was sunny every day.

Ny trip part 1

I’m not sure why but we always need a ‘reason’ to go to NY to visit everyone but this time it was my cousin’s wedding.  My cousins and I grew up pretty close, geographically we were all within 5 miles of each other and we all went to the same schools.  We  had all the benefits of a big family but since we don’t all have the same last names (our moms are all sisters) we never dominated the school with an endless line of xyz family.  Anyway, we were all very happy to see our cousin get married especially because we like the guy and he is a welcome addition to Christmas dinner conversation.

Back to the trip – we traveled on Thursday very very early morning, so early Lars considered just staying up from the night before.  The positive of being in NY by lunch overshadowed the negative of getting up at 4:30am.  Niamh was very good all the way through and southwest airlines ran nicely on time – landing a half hour early even.  The other good parts about the SW trips are free luggage and it flys to the close airport to my parents.  We were able to bring a whole bag of garb for Mom to bring to pennsic for us 🙂  I do wish they flew direct, the landing in Chicago is a bit annoying but we will deal with it for the perks.

Once in Sayville it was down to the business of re-introducing Niamh to grandparents.  I wish she was a bit more social, maybe its a phase or a girl thing but she is just really hesitant around new people.  She waves at strangers but only on her terms, I think the key is she needs to initiate.  Who knows… I just hope she grows out of it because constant clinging is not all that fun for the one she is clinging to.  By the end of the trip she was much better so I have hope for the future.  This trip she is much more adventurous then Easter, she was all over the house and up the stairs and, once she felt comfortable, played in completely different rooms then the one I was in.

The wedding itself was on Friday so most of Friday was in prep for the

wedding.  Our segment of the family didn’t need to do much for the event but I did have a list of errands like ‘buy gift’ and ‘get nails done’ so mom and I achieved my list and hers in the morning and we were all ready for the afternoon wedding.  Niamh has a thing now about insisting on nursing during weddings/church.  I do not know if she is ‘playing’ the system knowing I’ll give in so she stays quiet, or, she is nervous in the new place but the entire ceremony was an exercise in attempting to not expose myself to the Church.  I believe my poor sisters BF saw more then he wanted to see but he seems to have survived.  Boob monster aside, the ceremony itself was good (what I could hear) and the bride and groom both looked very happy.  There were apparently a few snafus like when someone decided to hijack the podium and recite a poem at the end of the ceremony but from the outside everything seemed to be per plan.

The reception was blessed with perfect weather.  It was not too hot, not buggy, not windy and all these were very important factors because it was all outside.  Niamh spent the majority of the time attached to me in some way but Lars and I just danced with her in the middle (sometimes awake, sometimes asleep).  By the next cousins wedding I bet she will want to dance all on her own!  Everyone seemed to have a good time and the organic/local theme was there but not overwhelming.  The theme was most noticeable in the local wine and the local foods and everything was very tasty.

The night ended at 10 and we all were suitably partied.  Niamh needed her own bed so we skipped the after parties and its a good thing because Lars was asleep on the couch virtually instantly.  The rest of the weekend stretched out ahead of us and was just as jam packed as part 1.

4th of July

Is it too late?  I mean it is 2 weeks later…  I feel like it was last year in alot of ways because so much has happened!

So, the glorious fourth is hard to be super glamorous when you have a 1 year old that goes to bed at 7:30 but we really had a fun time anyway.  We went to a friends house for a mini event where Lars had fun fighting and Niamh and I visited the chickens, horse, huge dogs, and even the coi pond (in process).  We left before the BBQ because we didn’t want to mess up the schedule too much and we had nice steaks in the fridge.  We had a bit of a social circus because we invited one couple over and they never answered and then we invited another (and were prepared for both to come actually) but they had to cancel last min and then we had SCA friends who were going to come over but then they had other mundane friends in town and it was their turn so for a min we were going to enjoy our steaks alone but we decided to give the first couple another call and they were up for it.  We had a lovely little BBQ and some nice dessert and then we wandered down to the lake to watch the fireworks.  Niamh slept through the entire thing but those of us who were awake were treated to a good show.

The 5th was another great day.  We did some shopping and then a bike ride to the park and lake and enjoyed family time in general.  It was hard to think about work after a 4 day weekend but  it was another short week for me because we were heading to NY for my cousin Antonia’s wedding on Thursday.  That would be followed by ANOTHER short week because we were still in NY for Monday and Wednesday I had an all day meeting at work.  So, as always, my reason for not posting is insane busy at work and spending time with family with no handy computer.

Anyway, I’m back and I’m writing up the many events of the past two weeks 🙂

Day of sew

Well, I did get one project 100% completed and fabric washed for a few others.  I made a summer Mei Tai with long enough straps for Lars.  I accidentally made the body section in scale with the extra long straps but that was easily fixed.  So far Niamh has been in a good humor, I hope to get some spring cleaning done and finally put away all the little little baby stuff.  Plans for the rest of the weekend still in progress…

poor deer

So, I forgot to mention that the epic adventure mobile has had a few bumps in the past few weeks.  Two are very embarrassing and include me hitting stationary objects but the damage from those was very very minor and we don’t need to talk about those.  Tuesday Lars decided to show me up by picking a fight with a deer.  We very much won since the deer (as Lars puts it) was liquefied but the Odyssey is at the car Dr getting a nose job.

I have not seen the damage but I don’t think I want to either.  We are viewing this as an oppertunity to test drive a fore runner~

ps. nobody except the deer was hurt at all.