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Night terrors.

I have no other explanation for Niamh’s hysterical screaming in the middle of the night for the past week.  She just starts screaming like she is really upset, not a ‘in pain’ cry or a ‘mad’ cry just weirdly hysterical.  Last night it happened at midnight just as I was going to bed and she didn’t want to be held or fed or put down, moving her to my bed didn’t help.  What helped was going outside, walking to the mail box and back, sitting on the porch for 5 min and then she went back to bed no problem until 5amish for food.  I am glad there is a solution and I am extra glad that it is only 65 degrees out at night, this would be very bad if it happened in the middle of January.  Anyway, anyone know what this is?

First Away Night and Food

Monday I’m 99% sure I will be traveling far enough that I will not be daytripping.  This will be the very first time Lars will have her all night alone.  I’m not sure if I should just focus on the first whole nights sleep in over a year and be happy, or, worry that both Lars and Niamh will have a sucky night.  I know that very soon she needs to be cut off from the night feedings, but, my rational is that she really does not eat enough during the day.  I know, stop feeding her and she will eat during the day right?  Well if you look at my archives I have an issue with what they choose to feed my precious snowflake at daycare and on top of that I know she gets pretty fussy about what she will eat.  Some dinners she chows down and some she eats two bites it isn’t something you can force, but, she is only 23lb and that is kinda on the small side.  So, the Dr said night feedings until 15/16months is still beneficial considering the crapola they serve at daycare and her relative size.  I keep trying to tank her up at dinner and a good feeding at 10 but that only lasts until midnight or 3 at the best and then she is ready for more at 5:30.  And just so you don’t think I’m going over the top about the food, the other day two out of four entries on her food report were crackers of some sort, and, they also admit to using the least expensive thing possible.  This is not an inexpensive daycare and I love most of what they do but the food just gets me.  Final statement on the subject, they made a snarky comment about the ‘mommy moo’ that I send daily for her asking if I was about to stop.  I know they want her off it before she goes to the next classroom at 15m but I’m not giving in on the nutrition just for daycare until I have to.

SCA and Travel

This weekend we decided not to go to border skirmish because I need to do all my prep and packing for Lilies war that I’m going to go with G1 to leaving Wed night.  With travel planned on Monday, class on Tuesday this weekend is my only packing time.   Then we are going to a wedding in Madison over the next weekend and that should be a fun trip since we are going with a few friends.  In July we are going to another wedding in NY and then Pennsic and I’m sure I am missing an event or two but I don’t remember the whole schedule right now.  At some point I need to evaluate the Niamh garb situation but I think that I have enough hand-me-down stuff that she won’t be naked at least.

Time to get back to work, more later