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Do you know where your belly is?

Niamh does!  well, she atleast knows where hers is…  Over the past few weeks she has been pointing to noses and we ask her where her nose is smf  she points correctly about half the time.  Monday I, out of the blue, I asked her where her belly was and she pulled up her shirt and looked pleased as punch.  Lars and I cheered for her and she was very proud!  She can point to her head, feet, hair, ears, eyes, and nose (if she feels like it).  Score one for daycare, they have been practicing but we do talk about different body parts all the time in the bath or putting on lotion etc.

Talking is coming along too.  If you follow my twitter (in the sidebar) I was shocked that last week Monday Niamh asked for grapes during dinner.  Since then grape has been part of her vocabulary (and diet) and she pronounces it ‘GrrrrrrA!’ with a very excited tone.  She ate about a pound over Lilies and in the car and she seems a bit burned out but maybe thats a good thing because grape skins pass through the system 100% intact and that is gross to see.  She also says black berry (back back) so that is a second ‘for sure’ word that is a request not just an observation.  So far she only has nouns but she will sign more or please and say a word, or, she grunts and gestures and points alot.

Lars observed a very cute speech thing, for any noun she does not know Niamh will say ‘dada’ and for any verb she does not know she will say ‘mama’.  For example, she will bring you her shoes and say ‘mama mama mama’ while gesturing to her feet with the shoes obviously wanting you to put on her shoes ( to be immediately followed by a request to go outside).  The same goes for nouns, she will point to things and say da or dada.  I think it is supposed to be ‘whats that’ but it sounds like dada.  I think it is fitting that moms are verbs and dads are nouns 🙂

Niamhs vocab count is increasing.  She is no verbal genius since according to the internet the average 1 year old can use 5 words on their first birthday and she was more like 4 words and 2 of 3 signs.  For the record and my future reference she says; mama, dada, that (dat) cat, dog, bird, duck, black berry, grape, diaper, please, and hi.  I should look up when she is supposed to be using verbs….  She seems to know colors and some basic shape, or, she is a lucky guesser.  She will get the right colored ball on request, and, two weekends ago she could not find the green ball I asked for and she brought me a green block.  I count that as knowing green.  Every day she gets better and better at stuff, it is so cool to see, and so far she will do anything for our positive attention so our house is full of clapping and hugs and kisses.  Its a hard job but someone needs to celebrate the proper identification of a belly with belly kisses 🙂


On the one hand, I made it… on the other, it was not all that much fun 😦  1 year olds are not the best camp companions but I think the bottom line is Lilies is not my war.

I talked myself into going to see a friend from the east who was going out.  I knew a few weeks ago that Lars could not come and I convinced myself that I could do it all and the reality is that I can, I just don’t enjoy it all.  Lilies is always damp and very very hot but I can actually remove one of my fears of not knowing anyone because really, I ended up seeing a whole bunch of people I knew and actually saw people I never got a chance to properly visit with.  If I squint I can find many positives but they are along the lines of spending time with Niamh, not working for a few days, and seeing people ~ everything else was not so fun.  Like I said, I made it but only with the help of G and the good luck that Niamh was in a mostly good mood most of the trip.

One distinct positive was the car ride conversations with G where I clarified a whole bunch of things for myself.  Something about an intellegent sounding bord really helps clarify a situation and find the solution.  My biggest breakthrough is in the role of the Rose (former royality) and how I would like to see the order grow in Northshield.  Personally I am going to start a few things nomatter what and I’m hopeful that some of the other roses will join me and at the very least I am crossing my fingers none activally block my idea (wow, when did I get so paronoid?).

On the home front, fathers day was on the stinky side.  Poor Lars had a mandatory dojo clean up where he had to scrub the mats because there has been a mild yet annoying fungus going around.  Niamh and I hung out and we intended to go to the park with Lars but about 15m after he got home it started to rain.  To top it off we had to set up our tent since it was wet coming home and the canvas was so tight that one of the spokes flung out of the hub and whacked me in the face (nose to be exact).  We gave up after it started raining, the tent was up enough and they predicted sun on Monday so we viewed the rain as a cleaning effort and we will put it away tomorrow nice and dry.  The one success of the day was a very yummy cake; culinary circle chocolate moose – highly recommend.

This week is ‘normal’ work every day and I just got home from class.  Thursday I hope to have my journals posted, they are in note format.  The teacher is a never ending font of half good advice and he really just gets annoying but at this point the class is nearly half over.  My group is fabulous and we got an A on our first assignments.  I’m very glad to be working with such a competent group 🙂

Well, its late, time to get ready for bed

random stuff

Night terrors.

I have no other explanation for Niamh’s hysterical screaming in the middle of the night for the past week.  She just starts screaming like she is really upset, not a ‘in pain’ cry or a ‘mad’ cry just weirdly hysterical.  Last night it happened at midnight just as I was going to bed and she didn’t want to be held or fed or put down, moving her to my bed didn’t help.  What helped was going outside, walking to the mail box and back, sitting on the porch for 5 min and then she went back to bed no problem until 5amish for food.  I am glad there is a solution and I am extra glad that it is only 65 degrees out at night, this would be very bad if it happened in the middle of January.  Anyway, anyone know what this is?

First Away Night and Food

Monday I’m 99% sure I will be traveling far enough that I will not be daytripping.  This will be the very first time Lars will have her all night alone.  I’m not sure if I should just focus on the first whole nights sleep in over a year and be happy, or, worry that both Lars and Niamh will have a sucky night.  I know that very soon she needs to be cut off from the night feedings, but, my rational is that she really does not eat enough during the day.  I know, stop feeding her and she will eat during the day right?  Well if you look at my archives I have an issue with what they choose to feed my precious snowflake at daycare and on top of that I know she gets pretty fussy about what she will eat.  Some dinners she chows down and some she eats two bites it isn’t something you can force, but, she is only 23lb and that is kinda on the small side.  So, the Dr said night feedings until 15/16months is still beneficial considering the crapola they serve at daycare and her relative size.  I keep trying to tank her up at dinner and a good feeding at 10 but that only lasts until midnight or 3 at the best and then she is ready for more at 5:30.  And just so you don’t think I’m going over the top about the food, the other day two out of four entries on her food report were crackers of some sort, and, they also admit to using the least expensive thing possible.  This is not an inexpensive daycare and I love most of what they do but the food just gets me.  Final statement on the subject, they made a snarky comment about the ‘mommy moo’ that I send daily for her asking if I was about to stop.  I know they want her off it before she goes to the next classroom at 15m but I’m not giving in on the nutrition just for daycare until I have to.

SCA and Travel

This weekend we decided not to go to border skirmish because I need to do all my prep and packing for Lilies war that I’m going to go with G1 to leaving Wed night.  With travel planned on Monday, class on Tuesday this weekend is my only packing time.   Then we are going to a wedding in Madison over the next weekend and that should be a fun trip since we are going with a few friends.  In July we are going to another wedding in NY and then Pennsic and I’m sure I am missing an event or two but I don’t remember the whole schedule right now.  At some point I need to evaluate the Niamh garb situation but I think that I have enough hand-me-down stuff that she won’t be naked at least.

Time to get back to work, more later


Today Niamh gave me her first real kiss, not a lick, not a weird slobbery face press but a real kiss on the cheek. Very cool


Thursday night already!  This was a normal length week but just pretty busy with stuff at work keeping me in WI more then average and class.  If you see my tweets, the last tweet is about the idiot who insisted on helping me at the bookstore and sold me the wrong book.  It was especially annoying because I made a special trip the day before class so I could have a prayer of reading the three chapters we were supposed to have done.  Anyway, it got fixed and I got to class fine but it was the first day I think that I have not seen Niamh from 7am until 11pm.  The next morning she cheered when she saw me 🙂  Lars did fine with his first evening all alone so I have hope for the next 8 weeks.  As promised, I have made my first class journal entry and I will be adding each week to the class journal tab.  If you read it, you may notice I am not super kind but I feel he is the type of guy who actually wants some argument. 

This weekend is a ‘hell’ weekend for Lars, his work has a major deploy so his whole team is on red alert so not much family fun planned.  I have a few projects to do, the most major is a ground cloth for my tent.  The goal is to have it done by Lillies in two weeks.  My real goal is to have it done by Sunday!  We will see 🙂 Tonight we took a one hour bike ride and my next task is to figure out how far we went but my legs sure feel it.