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2 weeks in 900 words or less

Wow! where have I been!  I’m so sorry for any of you who checked back and kept having to see that sad paper.  Over the past two weeks I’ve been both busy and a tad antisocial.  Antisocial is not really the right word, more oversocialed because we have just been go-go-go that anytime I’m not going, or packing for the next thing, I just want to be a vegetable.  Unfortunately as the mother of a toddler I need to be a vegetable with legs, and eyes in the back of my head.

Over the past two weeks Niamh has mastered a few new things.  She says, or tries to say, a ton of words including dog (dh), cat(Ta), bird(bir), duck (duk), bunny (buneee), poo (pooooo), that (dat), hi (hi), please (peesa).  She has also gotten alot better with her signs and is very clear with the ones she knows and we added outside and home to the mix.  These two last ones are really necessary because she is obsessed with outside.  The other day she was pitching a fit about dinner and I walked outside and she was calm, so we ate dinner outside.  She can also throw a ball pretty well and she is getting to be a very good climber and can use lots of things as ladders or steps to get where she wants to be.  This leads to a negative milestone, last week she fell out of her crib and sadly on the same day fell down the stairs.  Both falls were ok, the stairs were just a few steps into our carpeted green room and while we didn’t see her land in her room she was bruse free and everything still moved in the right directions.  We emptied her crib of the stuffed animals she turned into a ramp and she seems much more careful about the stairs now.  We also took Niamh on her first bike ride and it felt great to ride bikes again.  Last year she was too little but this year she loves the wind in her face.  When she sees the buggy she climbs right in because she know it means park time, and, I think she just likes the ride.  This little buggy was a hand-me-down from a neighbor and is great, it remindes me of the one we rode in when we were little.

The outside thing comes in handy with summer SCA since last weekend we went to a camping event and this weekend we went to a thing at a friends house all day.  The event was good, we missed the primary Saturday stuff because of a variety of reasons but it let us go to a friends daughters birthday party.  I really like this friend and the daughter but this party was not my thing, it was an indoor pool party and I don’t really like pools, I really hate being splashed, and I’m not a fan of really loud constant noise and this party hit all three.  It also had the added bonus of requiring a bathing suit and even though I’m lighter then before Niamh my tummy is not fit for public viewing.  I tried to make the best of it and not pass on my negative mood to Niamh but she was not to keen on the whole situation either and clung to me like a spider monkey. 

The spider monkey theme continued at the event, I suppose I like that she does not run away but it would be nice if she would play a little too.  The event had perfect weather and it was nice not having the responsibility of being royal so we could come and go as we pleased.  I was a bit disappointed with the lack of civilization, Niamh needed a nap and would not go down and my breakfast plans fell through so I was starving so I took Niamh for a nap/drive and there was no drive through within 25miles – I have never been so glad to see a dairy queen.  I’m sorry for any bad thing I’ve said about Forest Lake, it is a very nice little town and a metropolis compared to where we were.

Long weekends = short work weeks so I’ve been cramming things in.  The projects I’ve been working on all are finishing up so I’m doing all the final pushes over these next few weeks.  Every one of them will go ‘live’ sometime in July.  I think I may have my first overnight alone in two weeks, I have to go to a supplier and I don’t think I can day trip it.  I’m not sure how I feel about this because she still wakes up to eat at midnight, 4amish and 7am.  There is a ton of frozen milk, Lars will survive, but I still feel guilty.  Hopefully soon she will be less dependent but I still enjoy being able to solve every problem in her world so easily…

SCA and house projects abound, I can’t just let things be but that is another post for another day.  Wordpress just announced that I can e-mail posts and that is a great feature that I really missed about blogger so hopefully I’ll get more on the ball.  I also owe Miss Math a phone call, every time I get time it is too late or right when I know she will be sailing.  In general my lack of time has caused me to be a bit isolated and that includes the blog, twitter, IM’s and everything, I just was a bit ‘off’ the past two weeks but hopefully I’m in the swing of summer and can adjust. Time to do some housework while things are mellow~

Final paper

Ok, it isn’t because I’m in love with this paper, but, it is on the general topic of internet privacy.  Specifically it is the ethical question; should Facebook be part of the corporate hiring policy.  My group was not the best but not the worse.  Who knows, they may have pulled through in the end if I hadn’t taken over but I was not willing to risk my grade on it.  Anyway, since I asked for input from many Facebook friends, I promised to post when complete so here it is.


Like I said, not my finest but I was trying to keep atleast some of what the guys wrote, and, I only had so much time to really work it.  Writing papers is now a strictly after Niamh’s bedtime activity so I’ve gotten better at doing a bit each night…  Next class I have to ‘journal’ my experence and the guy wants apx 5 pages of reflection on each class.  I think I’ll write it here so I can vaguely entertain you all with my reflections of Organizational Management…  Don’t worry, I’ll figure out how to hide most of it so if you are not interested you can skip to the next thrilling post about Niamh (who’s new hobby is throwing dramatic fits, I’m going to record the next one).  However, if any of you feel like helping with my class and this semi tedious assignment, any thought provoking comments would be greatly appreciated!  Class starts in a few weeks.  I can’t help but pity the teacher who is setting him self up to read 5 pages on each of 9 classes from the 31 students on the roster.  I’m sure a few will drop so figure (5*9)25 and that is 1125 pages of what I’m sure will be literary gold.  Oh well, atleast there are only 9 classes!  Summer sessions are shorter but make up for it in class length, class is usually from 6-9, summer class is from 5:30-9:45, I will be very tired by the end.  It is the only way to get this MBA done before my classes start to expire so I will make the best of it.


So one paper left for this class, just a reflection paper so it is all my thoughts and should be relatively easy to finish in the next 7 days and then I’m free for a few weeks.  Whatever will I do with all my free time?

Mothers day 2.0

Last mothers day was on the stinky side, really, I was a bit covered in milk and puke etc.  The highpoint was that so many people acknoledged that I was a mom and it felt really real.   I just re read my entry  from last year and I did my best to put a good spin on things but I vividly remember both the good reported and the bad behind the scenes.  

This year was MUCH better (it would be hard to be worse).  We still had the schedule buster of crown the day before but it was a more low key even when you are neither the hostess nor a competitor.  We had a nice time chatting and watching bits an pieces of the tournament.  I am trying hard to keep Lars involved in Niamh watching at events, I don’t want events to become him doing his thing and me watching Niamh.  She is fun to be with and actually pretty easy to be with but doing it all alone is lonely so I’m fostering a team parent feeling.  Anyway, after crown we went to a bit of a party and Niamh stayed up way past her bedtime.  Sadly this did not mean she would sleep later but she did sleep pretty soundly with only a few little buffet breaks.


Lars let me sleep in and then I ate some breakfast and coffee and played with Niamh.  I know part of the fun of the day is to be recognized for all the work a mom does but I don’t think it is a day to flee the children 🙂  I suppose I’m young and the mother of one so I may not have the full prospective on this one…  Niamh and I walked around out side and played with books and when she went down for a nap I tackled the laundry I put off.  Only having 7 decent bras is a great motivator to doing laundry every week.  After the nap (and lunch) we all went out to Kholes to spend a gift card I had.  I got many new outfits that are professional and fit nicely.  Over the past two days I wore all new stuff and got many compliments.   We rounded out the day with pizza and tv watching.


Speaking of TV, we FINALLY have our TV situation squared away.  It has been a long road to high def.  We got the TV near Christmas but didn’t really use the HD part because our cable and tivo were not hidef.  For months the fact that it was so BIG was pretty awesome.  We tried a few options with different cable/box/computer/tivo/dvr combos and I think the cable guy in our area is now on our Christmas card list because he has been out so many times.  For the record, HD cable does not work with a HD Tivo and sadly we had to get a DVR.  It is ok, just not the same.  Now our shows are so much cooler looking, even the commercials look nice!  I believe it has been worth the trouble but god bless the Internet because we keep missing shows because we forgot to put them into the que so we watch them online.  Oh yeah, the cherry on top for our TV set up is we now have a TV computer, with bluray, hooked in so we can play games, browse, watch netflix etc all on the big screen.  In fact, since my paper is virtually done, this is 600 words, and dinner is almost ready I think I’ll go spend some time with my TV friend 🙂


irony is that ‘bluray’ is spell checked to ‘blurry’

Happy Mothers day!

to all the mothers hope you have a good day. Today started great, I woke up at 10am to flowers from my parents. 🙂

Where to live

Recently Lars and I were discussing places we would want to live, actually, we were more talking about places NOT to live…  The conversation started while watching Medium where they are after like the 20th serial killer in a few years – scratch Phoenix of the list


We can not live in Miami either, both Dexter and CIS Miami portray it as a very unsafe place to be.


Sadly NYC is out also; Law and Order, SVU etc all are very clear that NYC is full of bad people and the good guy can not always put them away.


Mane, the entire state, is out for various Steven King related stories – I like dead things to stay dead and on top of that guys in vans hit pedestrians.


Chicago is iffy – the healthcare system seems suspect but other then that it may be ok.


We are unsure about New Mexico, according to Without a Trace that is where all the witness protection people go so it might be really safe, or, it is full of people looking for witnesses to kill.


I liked Stars Hollow CT where the Gilmore Girls live but Lars says the taxes are too high.


Baltimore is very very out after the Wire, nothing but gangs, drugs, and crooked Unions.


I’m sure there are more, this has been a fun topic so I’ll add to it when we think of more.  Ironically MN is looking better and better as long as we stay south enough to keep away from the loons and Lake woebegone of Prairie home companion

the weekend

This weekend we had a playdate at the MN Zoo/Farm. My little ode to Beltane – we communedwith the trees and flowers and outside but in a thoroughly yuppy suburban way. We met up at 10 and we all fit into our mini van – 2 dads in the front row, 2 babies in the middle row, and two moms in the way back.  Niamh slept and Jeremy was too excited by the new car that he only fell asleep about 2 min outside of the zoo.  We strolled the zoo down to the farm section and visited all the little animals.  (There are lots of pictures on flicker).  We ate at the farm and let the babies frolic on the grass.  They ate, smashed, plucked, and passed dandelions and had a great time.  After lunch we strolled back on the other branch of the path and saw the bears having a great time and a bunch of the other animals hanging out.  Next we did the shark and tide pool section where Jon tested his underwater camera.  Everyone looked at him like he was crazy and he looked a little squeamish before the first plunge but it worked and the pictures he got were very cool.  Since we were close we took the monorail tour and then we ate a snack and rounded out the day with the tropical section.  By the end Niamh was pooped and she missed the tropics completely.  She actually slept all the way home, woke briefly to nurse, then basically slept til morning (with nursing breaks only).  I even washcloath washed her, changed her diaper and put her in PJ’s all with out her really waking up.


So the Zoo was a success.  I think having another family with us helped because the babies really do interact.  Jeremy had way more stamina but then again he didn’t run up and down a hill a bunch of times.  I also think that the blend of stroller time punctuated with run around time kept the kids happy.  All the adults were into it too, the animals were probably more fun for us at this stage but with each new experience their brains grow.

Sunday we continued the outside trend since that is the place Niamh begs to be.  In the morning we did yard work and I don’t think my front garden has ever been weeded so well.  In the afternoon we walked to the park and back.  We tried to instill the ‘hat stays on’ theory on Sunday but putting her inside any time she took it off.  She learned by the end… who knows if she will remember next time but it is a start.

Tomorrow is my last class of the semester.  The paper is due next week so I’m not quite done but I’m well on the way.  The guys in my group are being slackers, I had to do a smack down e-mail to them this morning semi-demanding they produce something.  I’m pretty sure I’ll do fine regardless of what they do because I did well in all the other sections but the fact they are riding my work is a bit annoying.  In some ways, handling the group dynamic is a learning experience for work too so valuable in its own way.

Off to indulge in tv and icecream and an evening with Lars ~