Archive | March 19, 2009

Night 3 and 4

I was at school last night but Lars reported that she fell asleep with a minimal fuss so night three probably  less then 10min.

Tonight we went into town for some shopping and we had dinner but we were back in time for bed and again, under 10 min.  I think we have success!

The negative is her poor voice is all worn out 😦  She is also catching a cold but not a bad one so maybe everything will still be ok.   She most definitely knows what we want because I put her down tonight and told her to lie down and she did it and I pat her back a little and she seemed happy.  She actually woke up about 15min after she was asleep and I did the back pat thing again and she was out again really fast.  I know all this detail about Niamh sleeping must be awesomely interesting but there isn’t really alot else going on. 

This weekend we need to assemble our Ikea cabinates and clean, hot hot plans.