Archive | March 8, 2009

11 months ago

I still owe a post on the visit from Mom and my sister and her boys and more then pictures of my current home improvement projects but yesterday was Niamh turned 11 months old!  I’ve missed writing something specific for most of her month birthdays and that is more or less because I’m too busy living them that I can record them.  I’m hopeful that I’ve captured some of the milestones and memories from the past 11 months but I know I didn’t do a very good job at documenting my feelings.   I’m very pleased that so many people read this but I’m also slightly embarrassed to be all mushy mushy about my baby.  I read a few other ‘mommy’ blogs and I agree with basically every sentiment they said so I am confident that I am middle of the road with my feelings both overwhelming love, can’t imagine a different baby then her, pride and joy as she does stuff like smile or walk or hug (mushy mushy) and the less glamorous set of feelings; lost, frustrated, having no idea what is going on, too tired or just wanting a day to myself.  Thank goodness for the internet or I might have thought I was nuts because I bounce to both ends of the spectrum about a million times a day.


Another reason to bless the internet is that it tells me what the baby is supposed to be doing and what I should be doing to/for/with/about various actions.  Some of the advice is obviously for morons (try telling your baby ‘no’ when they bite) and most is reasonable but over the past few weeks I’ve been told its time to plan a gala party for the now mobile carpet lump.  I have no idea what I’m going to really do, my whole life usually the entire family usually just shows up around 6 at the birthday kids house and there is cake (from a mix) and presents and my entire family is a party but this article suggest there should be a theme and other kids etc. and I think that is a bit nutty for a 1 year old.  They did have a link to a different article about what to get a 1 year old and that was actually worth reading, I agree on everything except the loud toys.   Living in MN I don’t expect family to be able to just drop over at 6 so I suppose I should do something about invitations and a date and all.  The other challenge is that her birthday is on a Tuesday, I’m not really overly concerned for the same reason I’m unconcerned about the theme or guest list – she just does not care – and that does take alot of the pressure off.


So in 30 days expect a bunch of pictures of some sort of party that will include cake 🙂