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milestone! Walking!

I have a ton to say about the past weekend and the visit but I wanted to document that today, around 5pm Niamh took her first steps. She walked like a cute little zombie from Lars to me. She was so pleased with herself she walked again and again back and forth and got so excited she started looking like a drunk and fell over alot. So, walking achieved, not sure if she will give up crawling but we are on the right path.


Well, day one of hellish week is over and so far so good.  I had so many meetings there was no time for you know, work, the thing the meetings are allegedly about…  Good thing that many of the meetings are those long, wait your turn, speak for 3 minutes, then be quiet again.  Often I listen to what others are doing but today I had  no choice but to work.


I did smooth out a stick situation with two big projects and wrapped up one of my ‘on fire’ issues from last week and that was a nice surprise.  Speaking of fires, I joke about silly things like chips in the oil passage as an on fire issue but one of the two blog world (meaning I don’t exactly know him but I read him enough to feel like I do) people who read me, gullybogan, has been living through the real fires in Australia.  Last week when we got home from skiing the news was reporting the fires in Australia and I thought to myself; ‘Don’t be silly, Australia is a huge country, what are the odds one of the very few people you know there is involved.’  Then after attacking my e-mail for hours I take a break to read my blog stories and there he is, in the middle of it.  I am very glad that he was not forced to choose between abandoning his home or staying to fight but it was a near thing.  I’m not sure what I would do in the same situation…  Since mom and dad’s house fire I’ve been slightly paranoid and all our important documents are in a fireproof box but still, I like my stuff.  As for defending it, all we have is a garden hose so that might be rather moot.  Maybe I’ll take some time to back up the electronic photos and records and add them to the fire proof box just in case and if we ever need to, we leave, not stay.  


On to happier news, I might have found a way to beat Niamh’s new refusal to go to bed.  Lately she has started wailing and thrashing when she finds herself being rocked in her bedroom and pitches such a fit that the last few nights we gave up and just nursed her to sleep and then didn’t dare put her down.  Tonight I stuck her in the sling a half hour before bed, she was fed, bathed, and pjed.  I walked around the house doing dull house work things like making the bed and putting away laundry.  After about 10 min we went to her room and I paced in the dark with her on my shoulder.  She was asleep pretty quickly and that was half an hour ago.  I can’t say this will last but atleast there was no screaming to start with.  As a nice bonus the living room is now very tidy and roomba is vacuuming .  If this is a success, I think I’ll try and clean the kitchen tomorrow…

Back again

Wow, it has been a long non-blogging stretch!  It has been so long that I had to go look up my password because my browser ‘remember me’ option expired.  There are many many reasons why I’ve been away, most are the standard; work is busy, I like to sleep more then blog, and Niamh keeps me occupied all waking non working hours.

New reasons for not blogging are; travel with family, friends visiting, and Niamh quit taking her 5pm nap…

So working backwards, the most recent big thing we did was go to Colorado to ski with the parents.  Niamh was pretty good on the trip, she was delightful during the day but semi monstrous all night.  I don’t know if it was altitude or just new surroundings but she was not happy from 8pm until 8am.  I had alot of fun skiing even if I was doing it on 3 or 4 hours sleep and sheer will.  Niamh got to ‘ski’ with us, we attached her to Grandad with the MaiTai and he did all the work.  Dozens of people remarked on the arrangement and atleast 3 or 4 strangers took pictures of us. She was actually asleep for most of it and nonplussed when she woke up on a skilift or a slope.  I suppose at 10 months old skiing is not all that abnormal compared to all the other new things experienced so far, plus, with no frame of reference she is most pleased to be warm and attached to someone.   The slopes were not too crowded and the conditions were great in my opinion but I never did get the deep powder skiing that everyone raves over.  I was pleased with myself that I could get back to skiing the easy diamond trails even after four years of not skiing.  We need to go see if the mountains here are worth it so we don’t have to fly or wait another four years to ski again.


Before the ski adventure we had a friend from Pa visit.  He was in town doing a seminar and we got one evening with him right before the ski trip.  It was great to see him and catch up.  He is almost the same age as me but took a very different path and it is interesting to see what he is doing.  We put a sleeping Niamh in his arms just for the photo op, so he is the random guy on our flicker looking slightly uncomfortable holding Niamh.  It will be funny for his wife ;).  Even though he was only staying for a night it gave me the incentive to finally do my picture wall.  I like how it turned out and it was really simple.  I decided to do all black and white to be more cohesive but I might see what other monochromatic themes I could do from my photo archives.  The plan is to swap out pictures to suit the visitor so if you visit me you will have to take a look.


Class also started between the last post and now.  I’m actually coming up to my third class already…  This one is a business ethics class and so far has blown the marketing class away.  The real difference is teachers, this teacher is just way more educated and insightful.  The marketing guy was ok but just nothing special and everything he said was more or less common sense.  The down side to this class is there is alot of reading and she actually expects you to read it all and be ready to discuss.  The class is only about 10 people so no room to hide.  The cool thing is that I already know most of the class from other classes so there was a good dynamic to start since we are all already comfortable with each other.  The class was supposed to have 13 but three people were laid off between registration and the start of class and had to drop.  I’m not sure what I would do in their position but if I was I am leaning toward getting a loan and going full time just to finish.  I’m 7 classes away from the end (after this one).  The last interesting observation about class is that there are only two women including myself.  I don’t know if that is normal attrition or not but every successive class has had fewer and fewer women.  Maybe with the short time limit to get the degree it is not conducive to balancing family and school.  I brought this up to the adviser and she poo-pooed me but I would love to see the non-completion rates between men and women.


Two weekends ago we were a super social family.  On Saturday I had set up a playdate at the library with another mom from Niamh’s daycare.  She claims to be shy but she was the brave one to ‘friend’ me on facebook and that is way more brave then me.  We have a bunch in common and our kids get along too.  Later on Saturday we were supposed to go to a latish movie with work-Jen to meet her new BF and his kids.  It was a comedy of errors on both our parts and in the end we all went to our house and watched Iron Man instead of a movie theater movie.  The living room was at max capacity and I’m glad we have a ton of pillows so everyone could lounge comfortably.   Sunday was busy just getting ready for everything we had coming up and I can’t even remember all the little things I would have blogged about!


This coming week will be hellishly busy.  We have our supplier seminar; an all day affair that all our top suppliers come for.  Since they are in town they all want meetings so the week surrounding the seminar is wall to wall meetings, so busy that we don’t have enough conference rooms so meetings sprout up all over the place.  I reserved rooms for all mine but that won’t mean I won’t have squatter meetings in my rooms… in those situations I do a quick glance for VP’s and above and if I’m outranked I go find somewhere else and if not we all stare at them through the window and make faces until they leave.  On a positive note Friday my sister, mom, and nephews will be here AND it is Bonus Day!  I’m incredibly lucky to work for a company that is doing bonuses and Friday is always a party atmosphere at work but I plan on only being there for a few hours so I can maximize my family time.  


I will endeavor to write more frequently but until then hope your having as much fun as I am.


Ps.  Happy Valentines day.  We had a great day at home watching cheesie lifetime movies and eatting candy and we topped it off with sushi dinner.