Archive | January 20, 2009

So where were you today at 11am CST?

While I did not vote for Obama, I am very impressed by the way this inauguration has been hyped up. The public seems much more aware and involved in the process and that is a good sign for America. I had the good luck to be in the car driving from workplace site one to site two and I heard the oath and first public address. The speech was very well written and well spoken and I truly hope everything he is planning goes as well as this first day. I am part of the doubters referred to, I think he is trying to do too much and I hope he does not spread himself/government too thin and get nothing done. I know the SCA is a microcosm in comparison but it is really difficult to change a big body of law, you can only take baby steps. I did feel very hopeful though, he is a smart guy and will lead the country well and I give him credit for getting so many more people involved and caring about what happens.

So for the record; when Obama was made the 44th president of the US I was driving through Wyoming MN in my minivan listening on MN public radio.

Just in case I forget at some point, here is the list of places I was for major historical events;

9/11/2001 – I was asleep in bed with Pneumonia in Downingtown PA, I had a Dr apt later that morning. Mom called and told me to turn on the TV

The first bombing of Bagdad – I was watching TV with the family in Sayville NY, I was in 5th grade and I called my friend Michelle D right after.

The OJ Simpson verdict – I was in 12th grade Russian class, we were not allowed to go watch it but the class next door was. We were learning how to say we were ‘from’ somewhere.

The Challenger explosion – I was in first grade at St Lawrence, we didn’t see it ‘live’ but Sister Mary came to the class and told the teacher what happened (who did not tell us) and we all stood up and prayed a decade of the rosary. I saw the replay that night on the news.

I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that the list is so short. I’m grateful to live in basically peaceful time/place but I’m sure my head in sand policy blocks many historic events that I’m forgetting.