Archive | January 19, 2009

weekend update

Wow, alot has transpired in the last few days as well as a whole lot of nothing…

First, I suppose I need to admit to a person problem… When something new and different is announced or proposed I am compelled to play out all the possible scenarios in my head to sometimes bad extremes before I can arrive at an opinion of the new thing. The bad extremes also feel very real to me before I can rationalize them out. Anyway, when things like ‘voluntary layoffs’ are announced I have to calculate what severance package I would be eligible for, should I take it, what would that do to the budget, could I or should I get another job etc when in all reality the announcement was just an industry standard and they are not expecting anyone to really take it. So, my picture of the world and my path through it took a major evaluation to circle right back to where I started.

Next, our simple car maintenance trip for new tires uncovered another problem that all totaled up was above the actual value of the car. Lars (who has no sentimentality or every scenario issues) came to the conclusion quickly that we needed to get a new car. By the end of the day I agreed but that was the second day in a row I had to manically rethink all sorts of bits and pieces I thought I had straighted out. We went car shopping on Saturday afternoon and test drove a 2008 Prius and we are 99% sure we will own it by the end of the week. Once a decision is made I’m fine but trying to evaluate things takes me a few hours. I actually got to play the rational one on the car decision; There are tons of ‘cars’ out there and you can spend a month test driving options. We agree that mileage (and safety) is the #1 criteria we are evaluating for this new car since it will be our around town, commuter car. We may or may not take it to events depending on gear because the minivan can’t be beat for space. Lars was sucked in by the zoom zoom ness of some of the other cars but they only got 30mpg max and our van gets 20mpg average so when compared to the Prius 45mpg why go half way just for some extra zip? I moved money on Sunday so we can buy the car any day after Thursday.

Moving on from mentally difficult to pleasant; I went to Ikea with G and had a very good time. I got what I wanted and I can add the desk/office area of Ikea to the list of places I have nursed Niamh. I also got to see her new house and I can see it being the site for many tent workshops in the future. It is a great house with not just a place for everything but a ROOM for everything. I’m not telling Lars that G’s guy has his own game room 😉

Sunday was atleast a non mentally taxing day. We played at home, went grocery shopping, cleaned and I even got a nap.

This week Lars is going on a business trip so I’ll be on my own for two week days, meaning I’ll have to drop Niamh off at daycare (something I have avoided for 6 months). I’m sure it will be fine, I’m just crossing my fingers for no sickness or teething this week.

So, while busy, nothing actually got done of substance