Archive | January 13, 2009

weekend review

This weekend we finally got ourselves to an event.  It feels like forever since the last one and it was so nice to see everyone. Unfortunately Lars was sick with what we thought* was a bad burger and he got there and left within 10 min.  Good thing it was local.  So Niamh and I had a fun time with a bunch of people and she even got to go to a few vigils with me but found them mellow enough to nap during.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a vigil that has been rowdy.


Sunday started off well enough, I got a few things done but then I was stricken with whatever disease Lars had!  It was pretty bad stomach and head ache and for some reason really bad leg pains too.  I got nothing done all day but by 10ish I felt reasonable.  Anyway, I don’t want this blog to be a litany of all the day’s I’ve lost to illnesses but I think this winter I’ve been sick more then the last 5 years combined.  Probably has something to do with a certain 9 month old who still eats two times a night.


I’m not sure what to do about the night feedings or her increasing resistance to sleeping in her bed for more then 3hours but I hate to let her cry because she starts to wheeze and cough.  I also don’t like to let her cry because I only have a few hours a day with her and I don’t want one of them full of her screaming her head off.  We started out so well but I think she is just too excited at daycare to eat so she is hungry at night because her night feedings are not just an idle ‘I could eat’ they are full fledged ‘FEED ME SEMORE!’ followed by 15min of eating. 


Other then work, sickness, not cleaning the house and playing with the baby the last week has been unremarkable.  I’m hopeful this weekend I can get some of the house stuff done, Lars said he and Niamh will go out together.  Anyone want them to come visit?  Anyone want to come help me do house stuff?  I also need to go to Ikea and my Ikea buddy moved to stinky Indiana (it actually does smell) so anyone want to Ikea?  I am getting these to go next to the TV and one of these to go above the TV perpendicular to the first set.  I’m actually getting this little one too so I will have the floor to ceiling look, I’m not sure if the little one should go on the top or the bottom…  This will give all the random stuff in the room a home away from little fingers and the bottom ones will be for toys.


Dinner time – must go – enjoy the new pictures 🙂