Archive | January 9, 2009


Miss Zoot, (one of the people I call a blog friend because I’ve read her blog for 4 years but never met her) has just done an interesting trash experiment.  She kept all her trash from one day for a whole week and she has plans for more.  Being green is one of those things that snuck into my life and I do try and do my part but there are a few annoying things that really make you wonder who’s side they are on.


First – our town charges for recycling and on top of that they would not give us a bin when we moved here.  I should see what the recycling drop off policy is because junk mail and cardboard and packaging (other then diapers) are our #1 waste product


Second – I’ve moved to canvas totes for shopping as inspired by many, but especially G who will carry her groceries if she forgets her bags, but the carry home bags are just one set of plastic the grocery stores try to stick you with.  If you buy fresh veggies they want them all individually bagged and they frown at you if you don’t use the bags.  I never keep the food in the bags and they are so flimsy they are not even reusable.  


There is much more waste but nothing is springing to mind right now….


This week has been really odd.  I suppose recovering from vacation and getting back in the swing of things is to blame but I keep forgetting what day it is.  Today is not helping since I’m working from home and I usually do that on Thursday’s but I had too many meetings yesterday.  Next week will be better I’m sure.  Niamh adjusted back to daycare pretty well.  She is not napping (so they claim) but she comes home exhausted.  She is also s in bad habits still with eating all night and wanting to sleep with us, but, now she has started fighting bedtime  but last night was pretty good so I’m hopeful.  She also has 4 teeth now, the bottom two cut at Rose Tournament and the top two on Christmas so she waits until good occasions to get teeth.  She is also getting very good at standing on her own and I’m still waiting on dad to upload the pictures because my camera died on my last day in NY.


The unfortunate thing about being back to work and life etc is our house is a mess again.  I have been putting off unpacking and there were more gifts this week that are great and all but everything comes with a ton of packaging.  I didn’t do my usual work from home cleaning lunch today because I needed to get packed for tomorrow, and, I need to finish work a bit early to take Niamh to get weighed and measured for her 9th month.


With that I should go, this has already taken all day to write and if I don’t post it will never be done and get more and more disjointed as I add on to it…