Archive | January 5, 2009

New Math

I had a very odd dream the night we got back to MN.  I can’t really articulate all of it but it was about math and negatives were negated by the presence of one positive sign.  Not like -5 + 5 = 0 but that if there were any positive numbers then all negative signs were eliminated like -5 +5 = 10. I woke up with the phrase ‘one positive negates all negative’ stuck in my head like an algebraic rule like; A squared plus B squared equals C squared.  I have no idea where this came from but my first thought was that is was the formula for loving a baby.  

To all the veteran parents this is old news; my explanation of ‘one positive negates all negative’  is that a baby just needs to have one positive like a smile or a look or even breathing or snuffling to negate all the irritating things they do like puke or not know what they want or pinching or screaming for no rational reason half the night.  It isn’t a balancing formula, it is not that a smile negates being puked on or saying MaMa negates whacking Mama in the head repeatedly while she is sleeping. ‘one positive negatives all negative’… I suppose some math part of my brain was trying to rationalize unconditional. 

I know dreams don’t really make good stories for other people but this is a concept that I wanted to solidify for myself.