Archive | January 2, 2009

Post christmas

I left off with my drifting thoughts of family and Christmas…  Christmas itself was my last little hurdle of stress and once I was through it I felt even better then before.  I think I was worried about managing Niamh through everything.  She was (and still is really) completely off schedule and for the first two days she was cutting her top two teeth.  So milestone marker, on Christmas 2008 Niamh had 2 new teeth and felt much better about life.  She is going through the stranger fear phase and likes to cling to me like a spider monkey.  At 20lb she is a big chunk and I’m very glad she likes her sling and MeiTai (yup, finished it before we got here).  Anyway, she mellowed out over the first few days but she is still in a crazy not schedule and our friends Konrad and Heather visiting did not help much at all.  When I married Lars my parents gained a son in law and a Konrad-in-law and since he is married to Heather she comes with the package so they didn’t loose a daughter they unknowingly doubled their brood of 3.  Konrad and Heather come and stay for a few days every time we are in town and this time they were here from the day after Christmas to the following Tuesday and that include my parents fancy 30th anniversary party and a dinner party at Miss Math’s house.  Between parties we all played games and socialized and took a few walks up to town and strolled the shops of Sayville and had a good time.  Niamh was very good through all this but every new person and new event added to the strangeness of her eating and sleeping schedule.  She is happy and full of smiles so it is agreeing with her but I hope she is ok when everything goes back to normal and there are not 6 extra people around holding and playing with her.



Mom and Dad’s 30th anniversary was really Tuesday the 30th but we celebrated with a big party on Saturday.  It was at the yacht club where Lars and I got married an it was a fun laid back/formal affair.  Josie Mom and I scoured Long Island for dresses to wear and in the end Josie and I decided to get the same dress because nothing else worked and we both really liked it.  For wearing the same dress, we looked different in them and people were swearing that they were different colors or something.  I was draped with a baby for most of the evening so that may have distracted people but she was really good with the whole thing.  She has perfected waving and clapping on this trip and was showing off her new skills during the party.  I think every one had fun and the pictures prove it.  I didn’t get a decent one of the matching dresses but I’ll see if I can find someone who did.  


The next milestone I need to note for Niamh is standing up un assisted.  We were hanging out in the kitchen and she was playing with some toys and she stood up and then let go of the toy box and was standing all by herself for about 30 seconds.  She did it again right after for Josie who balanced her and then let go.  I didn’t get my camera in time but on Dec 29th she stood for the first time.  I did get a picture on New Years day and from here I’m sure it is a matter of time before she is walking on her own.  I don’t want to rush her because the crawling is so cute but I’m glad she is developing so nicely.  Niamh has also started seriously eating table food.  She wants what we are eating and has moved on from here mush to just about anything she can gum down.  I believe she has also developed a taste for paper because every time I turn around she is chewing another box or post-it or wrapping paper scrap.  I am not even sure where she finds it all but so far no lasing ill effects from eating half a purple post-it.