Better now

So the flu/virus/random debilitating illness left as suddenly as it came.  Around 9pm on Friday, a mere 3 hours after physically being unable to stand all of a sudden I was fine.  It was really weird.  So far nobody else in the house has symptoms and I am crossing fingers and toes it stays that way (because Lars is a miserable sick person and sick babies are just sad).

Yesterday we went down to our local Nerd HQ for their holiday sale.  I know they were doing what was best for their audience but they had a few too many grown men in full super hero or villain costumes for my liking.  I may love the nerd I married and the  family I grew up in and even the nerds I am friends with are fun but the thing they have in common is intelligencecoupled with a love of the unconventional game/book/clothing etc.  This Nerd HQ is not discriminating and the very very dumb are often there in droves.  Their nerdyness is like grasping at intelligence by mimicry.  I got sucked into a conversation with a woman with a baby there who commented my baby sling  was ‘wierd’ and like what foreign women did and didn’t that hurt my back.  The conversation went down hill from there and unfortunately the store was only so big.  I wish I was harsh enough to tell her that my sling kept my baby safe and away from the trillion choking hazards/breakables/people who don’t shower regularly way better then her stroller but I just said it works well for us.   Anyway we had an otherwise pleasant trip and it is always fun to see what people feel is OK to wear out of the house.   Lars got little toy mencombat figurines for all his friends and I got some comics for the nephews and an expansion to a game I like.  Truly, this is a fairly cool store, it has all the nerd needs in one place; comics, books, tons of games, figurines, dice in every color and a ton of stuff I’m not sure what its for but it is fun to look at.  They also have an area that they usually have all the games set up so you can play or just look at what you want to buy.  Like I said, Nerd HQ for the twin cities.

Today we are hanging out at home watching the rain fall.  Yes, I said rain.  It is not cold enough to snow!!!  I am sure work will be full of sad people on Monday who were counting on a good foot of snow to play in but I do not mind in the least.    We knew the weather man was full of it when Lars BBQed last night in flip flops.   He wore flipflops because there was snow on the deck but it was so warm out it was silly to take shoes on and off to avoid getting water all over the floor.

Ok, time to get back to Christmas wrapping, I must mail my mailables on Monday to be sure they get there in time.

3 responses to “Better now”

  1. Becky says :

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! Bummer about the event, we missed you!


  2. gullybogan says :

    I read somewhere that expeditioners in Antarctica wear flipflops (we call them “thongs”) around the base in the summer weeks for just that reason.

    Mind you, it’s still around zero when they’re doing that, but they’re used to it being twenty below zero.


  3. lyneya says :

    Dang foreign women. What were you thinking using an idea that’s been around for a gajillion years??? 😛

    I wish we’d skipped the Target baby carrier that I quit using because it hurt and gone right to the wrap. I can haul a 30 pound toddler on my back with no probs! I would have LOOOVED to have this when he was 10 or 15 pounds and needed to be attached to people at all times!!


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