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Sites firmly set on vacation

ok, I did not have the flu, I continue to have pneumonia so I am doing what I can to rest and let the antibiotics work.  Last time I had so much to do that as soon as I felt better I was going 110 mph to do all I had to do, this time I have the luxury of some time to rest.  To that end I took Monday off where I was supposed to be working but I’ll use the day to just have a day off and maybe read and just chill out before the trip. 


Lars is trying to help speed my recovery too, this morning he let me sleep in and Niamh took a good nap so I had two nice rests.  I have to get into the swing of home all day with baby again because for the next two weeks (except for Monday) all mommy all the time.  We are going to NY so I’ll have lots of help and hope to get some good rest time there too because I can’t be tempted into cleaning the garage, or rehanging curtains, or doing new cabinets in the kitchen, or shelving in the guest room;  all projects I have calling to me to eat up my restful spare time.  This weekend I plan on wrapping, packing, and some general cleaning.  The laundry is already half done and so is the wrapping.  We had Christmas warm up last night where we did our gifts and so Niamh could get the hang of unwrapping.  She really does not get the hang of it at all but enjoys watching you do it.  She played with her blocks we got her today and liked them alot.  We decided that we were not going to over do Christmas for Niamh so from us she got a book, a big thing of blocks, and some crawl covers.


Crawl covers deserve their own paragraph.  Ok, Shannon discovered these and they are great.  They are more or less legwarmers for babies and they go from mid theigh to over her feet but don’t actually include feet.  Niamh has moved into an anti pants phase so these are good middle ground because they keep her warm and protect her knees from rug burn.  They are great for us too because they are super easy to change diapers around.  I will get a picture of them in action but this website shows them.  I didn’t buy them from this store, half due to impatience and half because Shannon confirmed they are just tall socks with the feet cut off and I could do that myself.  I have 5 sets now that were $3 each but I do need to get around to finishing the cut edge. 


My other goal of the weekend is to construct a Mei Tai carrier.  The sling still works fine but this is a more toddler friendly option and Lars can use it too.  I have the perfect fabric for it too, it is an upholstery sample that they sell at SR Harris that I really liked but I’ve done nothing with so now it will be used and seen alot.  I have plenty of other fabric to make the ties and once I find my table (under christmas wrapping) I believe I can sew the 5 pieces of fabric together tonight.  I’ll take pictures if it works/I finish it.

Thats it for now, off to use the remainder of naptime wisely.

1 day to 29

Wow, another week flu by (not a typo). I daily battle with the creeping crud and the only saving grace is that Niamh does not have it. The newest symptom is an out of the blue fever for an hour or two and then it is gone. I’m going to the Dr tomorrow to see what they suggest. So much for not being sick on my birthday.

Today I turn 29 and I share the day with G1 and lots of other people including Brad Pitt. I think it has been a fairly successful year, I produced one child and finished a masters class. I got a fair raise at work and I’m happy with my job. Lars and I get along well, and we completed our second reign (hopefully well). You can’t ask for much more from a year.

Next year I hope to complete 3 classes and zero children (born at least) and who knows what else. Right now I would settle for a good nights sleep.

Better now

So the flu/virus/random debilitating illness left as suddenly as it came.  Around 9pm on Friday, a mere 3 hours after physically being unable to stand all of a sudden I was fine.  It was really weird.  So far nobody else in the house has symptoms and I am crossing fingers and toes it stays that way (because Lars is a miserable sick person and sick babies are just sad).

Yesterday we went down to our local Nerd HQ for their holiday sale.  I know they were doing what was best for their audience but they had a few too many grown men in full super hero or villain costumes for my liking.  I may love the nerd I married and the  family I grew up in and even the nerds I am friends with are fun but the thing they have in common is intelligencecoupled with a love of the unconventional game/book/clothing etc.  This Nerd HQ is not discriminating and the very very dumb are often there in droves.  Their nerdyness is like grasping at intelligence by mimicry.  I got sucked into a conversation with a woman with a baby there who commented my baby sling  was ‘wierd’ and like what foreign women did and didn’t that hurt my back.  The conversation went down hill from there and unfortunately the store was only so big.  I wish I was harsh enough to tell her that my sling kept my baby safe and away from the trillion choking hazards/breakables/people who don’t shower regularly way better then her stroller but I just said it works well for us.   Anyway we had an otherwise pleasant trip and it is always fun to see what people feel is OK to wear out of the house.   Lars got little toy mencombat figurines for all his friends and I got some comics for the nephews and an expansion to a game I like.  Truly, this is a fairly cool store, it has all the nerd needs in one place; comics, books, tons of games, figurines, dice in every color and a ton of stuff I’m not sure what its for but it is fun to look at.  They also have an area that they usually have all the games set up so you can play or just look at what you want to buy.  Like I said, Nerd HQ for the twin cities.

Today we are hanging out at home watching the rain fall.  Yes, I said rain.  It is not cold enough to snow!!!  I am sure work will be full of sad people on Monday who were counting on a good foot of snow to play in but I do not mind in the least.    We knew the weather man was full of it when Lars BBQed last night in flip flops.   He wore flipflops because there was snow on the deck but it was so warm out it was silly to take shoes on and off to avoid getting water all over the floor.

Ok, time to get back to Christmas wrapping, I must mail my mailables on Monday to be sure they get there in time.

Darn flu or somethin

I got a flu shot, I really did.  I know  I did because it hurt for about a week!  Anyway, yesterday about 4pm I started feeling not so great.  By 5:30 I felt like something had run me over and I was freezing so I took my temp and it was 100.  Over the next few hours the fever steadily got worse, the highest I measured was 104.  This morning I didn’t even notice Lars take Niamh to daycare but I did have a really bad dream about her being stolen and me being sure they would bring her back but they didn’t.  Fever dream, fun fun. 

So I slept until 10:30 and then logged into work because there were two things I had to take care of.  I was hoping I would feel better but as of almost 2pm I really do not.  Lars and I made the decision that we should not go to Boars Head this weekend even though we both really really want to go because its a long drive to feel miserable.  There is also the added threat that Lars or Niamh will get this any time now since it came on very suddenly.

So, please spread the word, we are not coming 😦

wow, where did the time go

Well, its been a while, but I need to pop in to say Happy Birthday to my sister Josie. 

I also need to mention a Niamh milestone, she can now crawl up stairs well and quickly.  8 months old, not too bad.  She has also moved on to table food and had her first nibble of cat kibble so that should be some sort of milestone too.  Oh, and last week we had our first non-biological item in a diaper; meaning that something was eaten and came back out unchanged (and it was sparkly to add flair to the incident)

My life over the past two weeks has consisted of tissues, term papers, puke, work and the never ending battle with laundry, housekeeping, and babyproofing.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel though….

This weekend is our first event since Rose tournament, it will be nice to see everyone and I think it is the first Boars head in 3 years we have not had access to the royalty room.

Last – new Dec header and just for my aunt Pia I turned the snow on.