How I met Lars

Today is our Anniversary – 4 years married and almost 9 years since we met.  I don’t think I’ve ever documented how we met, although I’ve told the story to virtually everyone who reads this,  just in case I’m hit by a bus Niamh will have my version of events to read.

In 1999 I was in my senior year of college and had dated a bunch of people, very few seriously, and usually within the first week of every relationship I had thought about the inevitable end because either our ages were too different, or, we were both in high school and would go to different colleges, or, we were just very different.  I always enjoyed the time I had with the other guys I dated but I always knew the end would come sooner or later, I was seldom the girl planning fantasy weddings and kids centered on the boy crush of the moment.  Anyway, I don’t know if fate or just good luck kept me from meeting Lars until this perfect point in my life because he was right there all along in the SCA, living not 100 miles from me, and we have compared notes and know we were at many events together and knew many of the same people.  Something kept me from really meeting him until Christmas of my senior year.

 I was writing a Christmas list for my family and included a silly request for ‘a perfect boyfriend’ and expected either nothing to come of it or a joke gift.  Close friends of the family who knew me well and knew Lars well decided that we should be introduced because he ‘fit’ my professed criteria of older, taller, and at least as smart.  (In their opinion he had the added benefit of being in the SCA).  This was only a half blind date because he knew who I was, I was the oblivious one who never remembered him, so the date was made for the four of us to go skiing on Christmas eve 1999.  I almost didn’t go, I was out late with a friend the night before and almost backed out but because I didn’t want the friend who set us up to mock me for the rest of my life (because he is like that) I dragged myself home and slept for about 3 hours and got in the car and went skiing.

The couple and I got there early (because he is like that) so we skied for an hour or so and then went to wait near the lodge for Lars.  I vividly remember seeing him for the ‘first time’ and just knowing it was him.  The internal narrator that speaks in my head said “I hope I like him because I’m pretty sure I’m going to marry him.”  So in a way, love at first sight J  Why it took just under 5 years to actually get married I don’t know – probably something to do with me being 20.  Years later we were talking and he sheepishly said that when he saw me the first thought he had was that this was his last first date and I had not told him about my very similar feeling.

I don’t remember every detail of the day anymore but I do remember the a few.  We talked easily on the ski lifts and he showed off skiing very well (and so did I a bit).  He cut off a whole row of little kid skiers and they fell over and since I was behind him I had to avoid the pile of children and ended up falling on my face – and he didn’t laugh.  The day flew by and when we were taking off our many layers of extra ski gear I made sure he noticed that I was thin – and he did notice…  I walked him to his car and said good-bye and we exchanged phone numbers and then I was back in Our friends car on the way home. 


(As an aside, skiing is a great first date.  There is a specific activity, there is time to talk on the ski lift and time to not be talking while actually skiing.  You are bundled up so looks are not the first thing noticed and if you don’t really get along you can just mingle more with whoever else you came with.)


I think I called him on Christmas night to say happy Christmas so I didn’t even wait the prescribed two days.  He invited me out for NewYears eve but my Mom had declared all here children were to be within arms reach for the first minutes of the year 2000 (so he knew of mom’s minor crazies early).  We saw each other at least once between Christmas and NewYears because we went out to a bar, and I was very nervous because I wasn’t 21, but we talked about Shakespeare and all sorts of stuff.  I left thinking how cool it was we had so much in common and he left thanking his college for forcing him to take 4 non engineering electives so he could speak intelligently about Shakespeare…


Fastforward 5 years to Nov 6 2004 and we were getting married


One response to “How I met Lars”

  1. Gwyneth says :

    Happy Anniversary!


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