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Family post

To the related family; I’m hopeful this is useful info and not old news…  For my parent’s 30th anniversary they are requesting this.  Mostly because after 30 years of prosperity and good luck they want to help others less fortunate and a tiny bit because Mom does not like to dust.  I will be calling my sisters about the purchase of a certain animal that has special meaning to us.

New features in Picasa

Picasa, my absolute favorite (free) photo software package, is now better then ever.  They improved many of the little things that bugged me but the first of two awesome things is a new set of montage features that I use here with my bucket of cuteness in the quest for a christmas photo part II.

Second is a blemish remove feature!  As someone who has made it to 28 and still manages to break out I appreciate this option alot and it is much quicker then photoshop.  I highly suggest downloading the program, it is the best I have every used.

Happy Thanksgiving

what more can I say.  Hope everyone is having as good or better

Monday of a short week is still a Monday.  My stupid cold is in my chest so I scrummed to the advertising and got some Musenex and I suppose it does work but now I’m choking on gack that I’m hacking up.  (sorry for the visual).  Otherwise I feel ok, especially if I stay hydrated and caffeinated.  Work is doing its best to get me, I think I have about 5 simultaneous problems all requiring ‘100 %’ of my time.  Obviously I can’t do 500% so everything is getting as much as I can give it but it completely wipes me out by the end of the day. 


The best part of today (and many days) is getting to daycare, going into the baby room, and seeing Niamh’s face when she realizes I’m here.  Usually she sees me, then I get a huge smile and now that she is mobile she scoots right to me, climbs up into my arms, and gives me a big hug.  Two minutes later she is mad that I’m putting her in the car seat but she settles down again and the afternoon routine can begin. 


Today she was a little extra clingy.  I’m never sure what influences her moods, maybe the moon, maybe daycare, who knows but today she wanted to be in contact with me.  She did manage to eat a decent dinner and then fed herself a whole bunch of pears and then cheerios.  She is getting pretty good at getting the majority of her food in her mouth.  There is plenty on the floor too and cats, unlike dogs, don’t help clean up.  In fact, Jingles chases the cheerios all over the kitchen so they are spread far and wide.  It is nice to see her act like a kitten and I hope we don’t attract mice (or maybe that is her plan?).


Niamh went to bed like an angle tonight, all that crawling and eating tired her out.  Now it’s time for my dinner and some tv and relaxing.  Only 2 days to the weekend!


Almost did not make it today, we have been extra busy today snoozing and shopping and playing.  We went to costco for the monthly diaper supply and babies r us to test drive highchairs.  Tonight I mushed up 5 avocados and it yielded 16 cubes of food, we are set for avocados for a long time.

Tomorrow starts a nice short week, I’m glad for the time off but work is so busy it iwll be hard to cram 5 days into 3.

The pen

(cheep picture post ahead but its been a busy day)

So a friend came over today to do some projects and she brought with her the pen, baby jailworld, if you will.  It is a safe haven for little crawlers who don’t have more sense then a starfish.

She is ok with it so far, especally when she has visitors

I hear that breakouts get common when they learn to climb but we hopefully have a few months on that.