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Family message

Hi Family – real related to me family – especially cousins… Are we doing the cousin gift exchange this year?  If so, are we including Aunts too?  I know we had some complex formula about how to do it just right and I’m game for anything just let me know what we decide because I like to shop on Black Friday.  It really is a fun day to shop but you do need to shop with a buddy to make it most fun.  I did it solo once for the super early rush and that was ok but mid day shopping it is more fun in a pair.  I believe Lars tentatively agreed but if any MN local friends want an early am buddy let me know.

Today was a huge rush day.  Way too much going on at work, every second of my entire day was scheduled and I was trying to answer e-mail during other meeting so I would not fall too far behind.  Tomorrow is not any better and Wednesday is even worse.  Tomorrow I’m going to the dentist for a long over due apt.  Friday is my most ‘open’ day but it is also a deadline day for three different things so I might be working between handing out treats.  Niamh is going to come to my work at lunch (with Lars) to do the trick-or-treat thing and then the poor thing gets to go to the Dr for her 6month check up that includes shots 😦  I know we are pretty late for this apt since she is almost 7 months old but I don’t think the world will end.  I’m confident she is growing and developing and according to the Internet she is passing her milestones with flying colors.  I sorta wish she didn’t know how to ‘pincer grip’ because she most often uses it on my arm and she has a good little pinch!


Ok, it is just about time for Niamh to wake up from her nap so I should spell check and go….

Another 1 post week

The week is not over so I’m not a complete slacker!  This week was great and sucked all at the same time.  In order to try and write this all before my little time waster wakes up I’m going to list;


seeing my sister and her kids in Oklahoma;  it was fun to have just the two of us, usually we see each other at huge family gatherings.  All the kids got along well, even if Niamh did try to eat Connor a little little bit.  Poor kid, his mom just laughed and held him there and I ran to get the camera.


Travel to Ok – it really went smoothly all things considered.  We took off at 10pm and landed at 11:30pm and I was at Nades house by 1am.


Work while there – ironically I got quite a bit done Monday, I got what I intended to do done at the supplier on Tuesday (Wednesday will fall into the sucks category).

 Actually making my flight and the OK airport in general, it is very quick and small so arriving 10min before bording was not the end of the world.


My BiL (sorry Sinead).  I wish I could just let go of the fact that he needs to act like someone peed in his breakfast anytime someone related to Sinead is around.  I really tried to let the past be past but he just made me so upset he has used up his free passes.  I love love love my sister and her kids and I will from now on ignore the fact he exists.


Wednsday; most of the day, here are the reasons –

1. Wednesday morning starting at 4:30am (b/c 4:30am is just wrong in general) in order to get to the rental return, then airport intime for a 7am flight

2. National rental!!!  they had the WRONG address on their webside for the rental return so I had an awlful 45min random wrong turn filled attempt to find them including 3 phone calls to try and get directions all while envisioning missing the only plane all day.  FYI National, if I am in a rental car going to the airport I do NOT know the area!!!  Do not give directions like I have any clue what you are talking about.

3. Delay on the ground. I dislike delay but atleast delay in an airport one has the freedom to change the massive poopy diaper unlike sitting on a runway for 20min….

4. poopy (leaky) diaper

6. Getting home and being so exhausted due to a few bad sleeping nights in a row that all I wanted to do was crash.

7. Needing to go to school to do a presentation that I had to finish in the 20min between work and leaving for school. 

Work – actually work is ok but the situation we are in at the moment with a supplier sucks for us (them worse) but it is a mess-o-bureaucracy to get things done. 


Back to good again (like to end on a positive)

Niamh is a champ flyer, she was so pleasant on the plane she got tons of compliments.  she was all smiles in the beginning, then slept, and was pretty good at landing and through the airport too (both ways even).


My husband who has picked up the slack because I have been working non stop for two days, even through dinner and while we watch tv and at 3am etc. 


Work – the team I’m working on to fix Big Problem is doing really well together and I don’t feel like I’m doing it all myself. I’m really glad my coworkers are as cool/good as they are.


So now it is the weekend and I plan on getting a bunch of organizing done.  I hear Niamh waking up so I gotta go!

big fat update

Wow, its been over a week.  Ok, starting with last week where I left off with my exciting gas news, gas has continued to fall in price, the best I have seen in the past week is 2.35!  Unfortunately our 401k seems to be dropping at the same rate… 

Thursday was my adventure in Michigan.  I have been holding strong to my 1 day, no over night, business trip goal and we did indeed make it to and from MI in good order in one day.  I actually had a pleasant morning at home doing some e-mails and watching Lars get Niamh ready for the day and stealing some extra baby snuggles to hold me over. (tangent) I love that Lars is so good at the morning thing, it is really nice that he has time with Niamh by himself and because he gets her ready for daycare  at 9am instead of me rushing to get her there by 7:30 she has much more time at home then the average baby.  She also gets to ‘sleep in’ until 8:30 most days, she still is waking up more then once a night for buffet rights but after her 5am round she is out until 8:30 on most days. (tangent over).  I got to the airport and it feels very odd to not have any real hand luggage.  I had a backpack and my trusty pump and thats it!  The flight was easy and short and we got there and to the supplier in no time.  The production facility was extremely impressive, I have never seen better in my life.  They were very modern and alot of thought went into the flow and placement of everything.  I know the fact this automotive supplier is interested in us is another sad statement of economy but they were a pleasure to see and I hope we actually do business in the future.  The return trip was also easy and if you recall I had a plan to meet Miss Math at MSP airport because both our flights were scheduled to get in at 8:30pm.  I had my doubts that a plan with so many moving parts would work out but it really did!  Bev got in about 10min before me and we met as planned and were home by 9:30.  Not exactly good blog material because tragedy is always more fun but it was very nice note for the visit to start on.

Miss Math, Niamh and I hung out all Friday and chatted and went to lunch at the only restaurant in the world MM can eat at and just mostly hung out.  The weather was  gray but we had a good time.  Fate smiled on us again because Saturday we picked the perfect time to go to the pumpkin and petting farm.  It was a fairly warm and bright sunny afternoon and as my 30 or so pictures show we all had a great time.  Niamh got dozens of compliments on her cuteness and one of my goals was to get pictures in a pumpkin patch and that proved slightly harder then it looked.  The little farm we went to had tons of stuff going on with a pumpkin cannon and vignettes of pumpkin people, two mazes, and all sorts of kid activities that we had trouble finding the pumpkin field.  We did find ‘a’ pumpkin field but since it was devoid of all other people I have a feeling it was not the field we were supposed to be in.  We decided to just do the pictures anyway and Niamh liked feeling the dirt and the pumpkin vines and the Lars insisted we had to have the pumpkin Niamh was leaning on so we trespassed and took an undesignated pumpkin but I don’t think the world will end.  Getting out of the field was fun too, we kinda jumped a ‘hedge’ of weeds and a ditch to get in so we reversed out and we were on the 1-way hay wagon loop so we had to keep getting out of the way but we got back to the farm finally and figured we had enough fun so we checked out with one huge pumpkin, two med-small ones and a tiny tiny one.  Niamh was asleep the second we got in the car and 10 min after we got home the sky opened for an hour or more of heavy rain.  Like I said, perfect timing….

The rest of the day we cooked and ate and we made some baby food and talked and watched TV and talked and just had a fun day.  Sunday we did church and brunch and then out to the airport where I told Miss Math that she really should stay longer but she had this strange desire to be with her BF since it was his birthday weekend and all.  The remainder of the sunday was too quiet but I got some homework done and a bit of cleaning and that was the end of the relaxing for the next 5 days.

Since I only had a 3 day week the week before, this Monday was super full as was Tuesday and Wednesday with class but Thursday, just when I though I had caught up, at 4pm I heard that one of my suppliers is closing as of Dec 31 and I had to get my 11 parts new homes fast….  Talk about bad news but it was also sad news because it was a supplier I really liked and we were working through their struggles but their #1 customer (we are #2) decided to ditch them so they were basically forced to close.  I have done this particular drill before so I remained calm and started pulling together the right people to get this done fast.  Friday was a blur of meetings and planning and meeting some more but by the end I have a decent short, med, and long term solution that has a very good chance of working as planned.  I also have a good plan B too but hopefully plan A works.  I hate to say that this sort of project is actually really invigorating and mind stretching.  Way better then run of the mill general work but I’m glad it is not what I do full time. 

So, because of catch-up the first half of the week, school (that is its own story!), and then the excitement plus a very cute and active baby I give 100% of my attention to the 2 hours a say I see her, I have not had a moment to write or even really read any blogs.  Hopefully all my blog friends and real friends with blogs are doing well, maybe sometime today I’ll get to read up.  Today I’m packing for my trip to Oklahoma M-W to see a supplier and see my sister and nephews who happen to live 40min from the supplier.  I am bringing Niamh and we are going to have a great time I’m sure.  I just finished folding two weeks of laundry with Niamh helping and that tuckered her out so she is napping and I need to publish this before she wakes up (any min).

totally blogworthy

Earlier today it was 2.95, I’m glad something that benifits me is falling atleast.


October snuck up on me, I can’t believe we are a week in already.  Good thing I have most of my bills on auto pay or fuzzy brain might have missed it…

I just posted a batch of  pictures from this weekend.  Miss Niamh is making every effort to crawl.  The pushup pose is just too cute but I never captured the hands and knees times.  She is scooting backwards mostly but she can go forward in a not so graceful army crawl style.  She is good at getting what she wants though, she will haul the blanket toward her until the toy is in reach and then grab it.  Not bad for 6 months old.

Today marks Niamh’s sixth month on the outside.  I wish we planned a tiny bit better and did something about a half birthday celebration but on our walk tonight Lars and I congratulated ourselves for making it 6 whole months.  I know there are people who say they can’t remember ever not having their baby, and while I still can, I don’t know what I would be doing right now if I didn’t have her.  Lars is completely wrapped around her finger and I have to restrain him from getting every toy in the world for her.  She has everything she could need or want including two incredibly devoted parents.  One would have to be fairly devoted to continue to tolerate her 3am ‘awake time’… I’m not sure if her happy, very awake, little smiles are better or worse then her screaming in her sleep but going right back to sleep with application of plug to the screaming part.  I’m hoping it is just a phase because I seriously wish I could sleep all night and late in the morning just once…  Anyway, in the past six months she has gone from tiny carpet lump to a carpet dominating creeper.  She is a pro at rolling over and she seldom falls over like a drunk when she is sitting now.  She has a love hate relationship with solid foods and two teeth.  She has tried 2 types of rice cereal, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, banana, watermelon, coffee (just a taste), a leaf (not a fan), cat fur, and bath water.  We weighed her today at the vets office and she was 18.5lb and I have not measured her height recently but she is too long for most of her 6-9 stuff.

Hopefully only people who are cool with hearing endless details about my darling are still reading because I doubt I’ll be changing topic much any time soon 😉

so long sushi

We have discovered that while I can drink beer, eat cheese, chocolate, and almost anything else I want my favorite food is now off limits.  Poor little Niamh can not tolerate me eating fish 😦  I suppose there is the vague hope she had a coincidental stomach bug that made her scream in tummy pain all night but I am fairly sure it was the sushi.    I suppose it could be much worse and I’m not going to nurse her for ever but if last night did not convince me I need to be put in the loony bin…

I think (hope) that last nights lack of sleep coupled with basically months of lack of sleep have made me a bit dopey.  Most of the time I’m ok but sometimes I completely forget what I went into a room for or what a coworkers name is.  I’m sure my brain will get better in time but it is annoying to feel so fuzzy.

This week is busy again.  Lots of work to cram into tomorrow and Wednesday because Thursday I’m going to a supplier in Mi all day and through good luck my flight arrives back at the airport the same time that Miss Math’s arrives!  Miss Math is coming to visit me and Niamh and we will have a fun weekend doing I don’t know what but it will be fun.  Maybe we will go pick pumpkins or apples or something, depends on the weather I suppose.  We cleaned yesterday and while it is not pristine it is pretty good.  It is getting more and more clean as we have to keep things out of Niamh’s reach so a happy side effect is a more tidy house.  There is more squash on the floor then ever before but less clutter on tables, floors, and counters.

Finally, I am contemplating making my own baby food.  Not a novel concept considering premade food probably is a fairly modern invention and it isn’t hard to figure out that an entire butternut squash costs a dollar and 4oz of the stuff in a baby food jar is also a dollar.  I don’t know if I’ll keep it up forever but I can certainly make some of her food, how hard can it be to puree veggies to death and freeze them in ice cube trays.  I’ll let you know if it works out.  Either way, I’m cooking a squash this weekend and by design Miss Math’s favorite fall veggie is the good old butternut squash 🙂