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A while ago I mentioned that I was going to share my flickr with my Sister Sinead.  Well, to avoid (further) confusion she now has her own account~  In order to retain the easy link for family members I’m going to put her recent pictures in my sidebar too so if you click on them you go to her flickr, if you click on mine you get me.

I just uploaded a new batch, I didn’t get to take too many pictures but if anyone is interested the Northshield gallery has a ton!

My screwy week

This week has been odd… Niamh has hit a new phase that makes her want more entertainment and food (I doubt they are related) so she wakes up many times a night to eat like an infant but I feed her because it is easier then not so I know it is a self perpetuating cycle.  She also wakes up fresh as a daisy and wants to play so I’m usually up by 6ish and we check e-mail and do little things until I leave for work.  I enjoy the extra time but it sure is tiring.  She is getting more curious and grabby too.  She reaches out for everything to feel it (and mouth it if possible) so walking into the closet with her has become pretty crazy. 


This isn’t really why my week feels screwy but it contributes to the feeling that my days and nights are incredibly long.  I missed my offsite day this week because I had to be in meetings at my regular office and I missed my work from home day for the same reason.  I spent half today feeling like it was friday because I was at work but I bet tomorrow I’ll feel like it is Thursday because I’m home.  Thats what I get for getting used to a schedule!  Today we did the major food prep for the Rose Tournament this weekend.  We are making Pork loin and roasted potatoes and we will have salad.  Not very period food but good and easy to serve.  The guy who came to help me brought his two girls over too and I ended up watching them, including giving them a bath because I was giving Niamh a bath and they just really wanted on and we had time to kill before dinner was ready.  They were very happy that I happened to have a beauty and the beast towel and a girlscout cookie towel – both thrift store finds from forever ago but something tells me there are more princess towels in my future.

I have quite a to-do list for tomorrow to get all the details for the tournament set up done, I sure hope it is worth it.  This feels more like the end of our reign then de-coronation because it is really the last event on my agenda, the last thing to really plan for and be ‘on’ for.  I hopefully will get good pictures~  I think I have listed and planned my brain to empty so I can go to sleep without thinking a million things…

I was sure this would put me out of the will…

but I’m not!  A few weeks ago i found this product, pancake in a can, in the dairy section and had to give it a try.

It isn’t the best pancake ever but it is head and shoulders above ‘mix’ pancakes and most that I have ever had in diners.  (I exclusively order french toast at diners because you can’t screw that up)  Anyway, I tried this and it was super easy and I recommend it for anyone who only wants to make 3 or 4 pancakes at a time.  My only problem is that they are so lite and fluffy (aerosol will do that I suppose) they cook way faster then you expect.  So when I told Dad, the great pancake maker, about it I expected him to poo poo it saying “how hard is it to mix 5 ingredients together” but he actually saw the value in being able to just make a few since most recipes don’t scale down to breakfast for 1.  At the grocery store it was $5 for one can, at Costco 3 cans are $10 so I’m set for the year but they don’t expire for ages.

Last week

My goodness last week sucked and it spilled into this week.  Let me just say that nomatter how much prep work you do for a launch the unexpected WILL happen.  I am also very glad that BossD is so awesome, I was having a hard time handling my 3 massive problems but he was there for me and all my coworkers who each had atleast one (if not more) problems.  Anyway, I don’t blog about work but that is where I have been!


I did sneak in a tiny post about coronation.  I always intend to go back and flesh out what happened but then time passes and it seems less important.  I’m planning that during November (National blog month!) I’ll do full stories on all the things I have been intending to write about and it will also save you from daily posts about my lunch because blog worthy things don’t happen every day.  So, look for extended posts on all sorts of things including Coronation, Pennsic, birth story etc in November…


Last week we did manage to finally decide on a window contractor.  We are paying a small fortune to replace every door made of glass and window  in the whole house but it should be done in 6-8 weeks.  They *guarantee* 40% energy savings so I’m going to keep track but I’ll be pleased to just not have to plastic the windows.  The reason we got forced into the window decision is that we are residing the house due to hail damage.  We are going with a darker blue vinyl with white accents including shutters.  I really wish HGTV’s Curb appeal had some advice on split level houses but they really don’t…  I like the inside of the house but I really have never liked the outside.  Oh well, in 10 weeks or so it will be all nice and new looking at least.


Last week I also nailed down a baptism date for Niamh.  November 8th at 10am.  There are 3 events on that weekend but we didn’t have much choice in the matter because it was supposed to be November 2 but that is all souls day and they don’t do baptisms on holy days.  Anyway, I don’t know more then maybe 2 people in the SCA that go to church so this was not really going to be a big ‘invite everyone’ style party.  I am going to have an extra full house because all my family is planning on coming plus the godfather Konrad so we will have 7 extra adults and 1 extra baby here, it will be a big family weekend long party J.  


This weekend is going to be dedicated to getting ready for next weekend and now I must stop blogging and get back to working.



After Read More…

Back to being a regular person

We are home from coronation (or de-coronation) and have safely divested ourselves of all the regalia and responsibility 🙂  It was a pleasant event, the hall was pretty cool, and court went well for us.  I think the awards we gave today were the most personal and a tiny part of my brain was reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the process because the day started in such a hectic rush my pace was all off.   

Once we stepped down there were still plenty of thankyous to hand out and friendly chatter so it was not as bad as last time when I felt totally and suddenly abandoned because everyone evaporated (including Lars) and I was at loose ends.  This time I had Niamh nomatter what; she is not just good company, she attracts a crowd.  We planned to have no real plan and so we hung out and socialized and then left when we felt like it. I got to just sit and talk for the first time in what feels like forever and I even got some answers on a situation that has been bothering me for a while.  I truly enjoyed the time in the spotlight but I I’m glad to be home by 10 and heading to bed shortly in my own house.


Tomorrow I hope to do homework, clean, maybe and get a haircut.  I might even get a nap?  The next thing on the agenda is Rose Tournament and then Niamh’s christening – other then that I don’t think we are doing anything (but I’m sure something will come up)