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Big news – carpet lump is now carpet roller

The carpet lump phase is coming to an end…  Monday at daycare Niamh was put down for a nap on her back (yes, we are manic about it Pia) and they went to check on her and she was on her stomach!  She declined to roll over again for them or us until last night at T&K’s I was changing her diaper and letting her wiggle and she looked like she was going to actually going to roll so we watched and flip! she did it!  Then she did it again really fast.  She was very pleased with herself and K got pictures she will send me.  This morning I put her on her blanket and she did it again… she won’t do it on command as 3 min of video will prove, but I got some good pictures. 

no more carpet lump

no more carpet lump

In other news, we are not doing anything this weekend.  Lars is working today and I am doing all the things I have not been able to do in weeks due to travel or visits.  My list is on the busy tab and hopefully I’ll have alot crossed off before Tuesday.

Many pictures!

Guess how many pictures I have taken in August alone?  486.

Lots of those are of Niamh in a wok or other times I took two or ten pictures when I only post one but I sure am glad I have a digital camera and I didn’t get 486 pictures developed. 


The next big batch up is the day of fencing pictures.  It was Jen’s second event and Lars’s mom’s first event and another friend brought a first timer along too so there was a good group of new people.  I think everyone had fun but it was hard not to with an event on an absolutely fascinating and gorgeous site where fighting was allowed to break out anywhere and everywhere.  Lars had a good time with that, he and two other knights prowled around looking for fights and I helped by allowing myself to get captured so they had to fight to rescue me.  We took advantage of the flower gardens to get some family pictures and then some really nice ones of Niamh and I.  Since I take the majority of the pictures I don’t end up in many unless I hold it at arms length and take one of myself (I do that alot). 


Speaking of family pictures… daycare requested 3 or 4 pictures of your family for a project and I realized we actually don’t have many where we are not in garb.  I guess the combo of me taking the pictures plus the majority of our time as a family is at SCA events equals slim pickings for daycare acceptable pictures.  We more or less have two, one the day Niamh was born where I look oh-so-lovely after 20 hours of labor (I still owe a birth story don’t I…) and one in front of the new minivan but you can’t see Niamh since she is in a stroller.  so out of over 1000 pictures (I’m not joking) over the past 5 months we never took a real family photo.  So, this afternoon we fixed that!  Using the good old auto timer feature and a stack of stuff to make the camera the right height we took what I hope will be the right sort of family pictures.  The one with Lars holding porch buddah is not going to daycare but it was funny. 


So parents, family and friends, I am going to actually get real pictures printed, speak now if you want a wallet or something because I’ll put in the order tomorrow.

The visit…



Ok, first, my last post that said that my Mother in Law was in town for the weekend turned into a page (busy) so I doubt anyone actually read it.  I think I might keep the page and edit it to be a list of things I’m busy with :).  Anyway, she came, she visited, she left this morning and all in all it was very nice.  The weather cooperated and we had gorgeous weather for an SCA event on Saturday and a visit to a local sculpture park on Sunday.  The pictures on my side bar are from the park, Franconia Sculpture park to be exact, and it is a very nice place to spend a few hours.  The park is publicly funded and affords a few artists a year to live on the property and create something.  Every time we go there are new things and sometimes the old stuff is gone (some stays).  I have no clue how they decide on what to keep or if they really plan too hard because the entire place is just infused with a laid back peaceful vibe.  The art is placed in patches in a huge field and there are paths mowed to (and around) each exhibit so even the grounds feel like a sculpture.  Our favorites this time were the really big people and the ‘black box’.  The black box is very unimpressive from the outside but it is built with one wall made of slats that focus the sun straight in.  It was very zen walking in and it was a fantastic place to take pictures. I turned off the flash and had fun, even Lars’s mom got into it!  I do slightly regret that the sling is still on me in the photos where I’m holding up Niamh so I appear more roundy then I really am but I do like that my profile with her in the sling looks like I’m 9 months pregnant.  I never got to do the arty pregnant belly pictures so this was a nice surprise. This ‘namaste’ picture expresses how I felt, I wish I could get this box in my yard.

 After the sculpture park we ate at a little place I’ve passed a dozen times and have wanted to try and it turned out to be very good, reasonably priced, but had really slow service.  It was on our ‘to repet’ list after lunch but after we had one of their home made icecream cones it is on the ‘must visit soon’ list.


There were of course the tense moments as only a new mom and the Mother in Law she hardly knows could have but less then there could have been.  It does not do to complain because most of the visit was very nice and I’m looking forward to the next time. 

So tomorrow I’ll upload my Day of Fencing (the event) pictures, it was at a beautiful historic house and I took the opportunity to get some great family pictures.  We really need to do that in regular clothes one of these days but garb is just so much more pretty!

a little achievement


I was very proud that I was ‘running’ (moving faster then walking on the elliptical) at 9 months pregnant.  I have been a bit disappointed in myself for not running since…

I have been walking both at home and Pennsic and a million miles in my own house bouncing a cranky baby.

I did a few pilates videos but I’m really behind there too… 

The nursing diet has brought me to below my pre-pregnancy weight but not my prepregnancy shape so today was the perfect day where the stars aligned (sunny, Niamh in a good mood, Lars at work, and boobs nursed to an equal and manageable level) SO I went running.

For the record, it took;

1 jogging stroller containing baby, hat, toy, toy retraining device, spit rag, sun glasses(she refused to wear)

2 sports bras 

3 songs on the Ipod (meat puppets, pearl jam, The Who)

15min to do a mile and a quarter

20 min to get ready to do a mile and a quarter

and the result is an easy nap transition and 1 mile toward a more fit body.

 the gear

I’m guessing I have two more months of outside running and now that I have the hang of the jogging stroller I hope to do this a bit more often.  I might even do a situp or push up or something.  I think hauling around my 15.9lb meatball should count for something but I’m not really sure it does. 


In other semi related news (since wordpress seems to have eaten my last post) Niamhhad her 4 month check up on Friday and she is 26in tall, 15.9lb and her head is still 16in putting her in the 99th for height, 86th for weight and 35th for head.  Hopefully her head catches up but it looks pretty proportional to me.  She also got her vaccinations that she took like a champ but she has been running a feaver on and off ever since.  Daycare kicked her out for a 99.9 fever today and they also claimed she would not eat or sleep so I picked her up at noon and worked from home  (that is one of the reasons I was ready to actually exercise at 4:30).  I don’t know what goes on at daycare but they claim she won’t nap and she naps fine for me and they can’t seem to keep a schedule so she is randomlyhungry, sleepy, or fine when I pick her up at 4:30.  I suppose that with a room full of babies it is hard to keep track of the details but I’m paying practally a second mortgage payment for this… 

Well enough complaints, she is awake and if I don’t publish now I won’t!


Yesterday at about 2am we got home from Pennsic and as of now we are on our 4 load of laundry and the car is totally unpacked.  Niamh was not sure about arriving home, all of a sudden she was in a different place so she cried a bunch and once settled in her own bed she looked pretty happy to be there.  Traveling with a 4 month old is not exactly easy but with three adults we managed – Josh and Lars traded off driving and I kept Niamh happy(ish).  I certainly enjoyed my nice soft bed and hot shower although pennsic has come a long way in comforts…

This was probably the best pennsic in the last 10 or so.  I only got stressed out once or twice and in general had a great time.  I think living at the parents camp was the key, not only is it the best equipped camp at pennsic, having grandma and granddad (not to mention grandy and all the other willing hands and laps) around made having Niamh there fairly easy and it was great to be able to eat and live in the same spot.  Being royal at pennsic has its ups and downs…  There is no end to the invitations and fun things to do or see but needing to have a retainer (or feel guilty) kinda stinks because you have to wait around for them and sometimes they never show up.  Most of the time the retainers we had were very fun to hang out with but I always feel weird when someone is ‘attending’ me.  I’ll be glad next year to not be royalty, I’ll volunteer to help out some but I won’t be #1 or #2!  I have to get a pennsic synopsis together but not tonight, I just got all the pictures uploaded so you can view the more me centered pictures at flicker (sidebar) or, you can see the more Northshield general pictures at the gallery.

I’m crossing my fingers that Niamh has a good day tomorrow re adjusting to daycare.  I really loved having her all day every day even when she was fussy and even when she was sick but I need to get back to real life too.

better finally

Sooo… anyone who has checked in daily and seen the screaming baby picture has had a small glimpse into my world.  Actually, she went from really screaming to horse whimpers and lethargy and that was even worse.  We went to the dr again yesterday because she was refusing to eat and they found that there was an ear infection, the start of a through infection and the beginning of dehydration so she got an iv drip for hydration and a big dose of medicine.  She began eating again and while not 100% she was a lot better.  She actually ate almost all night (I aquesed to being an all night milk bar – just put down a towel) and this morning she looked really good.


Here is the ‘bright side’ of the past week;


I got to hold and cuddle Niamh almost 24/7 – how often does anyone get to do that?

I increased my skill in one handed eating, typing, basically everything

We got lots of nice visits from E-Kat without which we would be nowhere near ready to go to pennsic.

Extra time at home is always nice


So here is a pic from today – she sure is getting big for the basket.


In other news, we are off to Pennsic today (soon I hope).  The car is quite packed but everything fit for 3 adults and 1 baby.


Hope everyone has a good weekend and week.


Ps.  Sinead will be filling my side bar with new cute pictures