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Well… it was inevatable, Niamh has contracted some form of something from the daycare and is in bed with a feaver.  When they say ‘she isn’t acting herself’ and you think ‘… um, she is 3 months old, she doesn’t know self yet..’ they would be right – she was just a lump of sad baby.

This all started two nights ago when her nose stuffed up alot at night but she seemed fine during the day.  Last night she woke up choking on her own goobers and was so freaked out she cried and made it all worse and she and I were up from 4am to 7.  We thought that maybe it was allergies because it only seemed bad at home at night.  I was dead tired but she seemed ok so she went to daycare and I called out of work for the morning.  I woke up and did some work and then manically tore apart our bedroom eliminating ever speck of dust and cat hair.  I’m talking ceiling fan to removing every piece of furniture I could move and sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping.  Just as I was done Lars called to tell me daycare called him and Niamh was running a 100.3 fever so I went and got her. 

So she is tylonaled and her fever is very low and she is sleeping and rather then doing the dozens of sewing project I have cued up I had to finish putting furniture back into our room.  Then I had to clean the bathroom… then I had to blog… and next I need to wake her up for some food since it has been almost 4 hours.  I think I’m skipping our normal Friday visit up north and focusing on keeping her fever in control and hopefully getting some sewing and packing done.  Tomorrow should be fun if she isn’t better because I have two people coming to mass produce baby clothes and help with general pennsic prep.


Baby Connor has convinced Sinead that she wants to upload pictures and since a lot of our family already check my Flickr, Niamh and I are ok with sharing our space with Connor and family.  Sooooo, for those of you who don’t really know my sister feel free to ignore the adorable boy(s) that will appear on my sidebar, I arranged my Flickr to have a collection for each family so you can view the kids you want to.  I also made an SCA collection and a house collection, going pro has some advantages J


Moving back to my world…  The weekend was really very nice.  The event was small but had lots of people I wanted to see and it was fun to just stay in one spot and work on projects.  We got some garb started and I need to apply myself over the next 2 weeks during the evenings to getting everything finished and then packed for pennsic.  I can’t believe it is time for Pennsic already!  We called it a day at the perfect time, everyone was packed and in cars before the storm hit.  Driving to Outback for dinner was interesting because we drove right though the storm with some ominous swirling funnel like clouds but they weren’t full tornados yet and we were moving in opposite directions so we left the storm behind us.  Outback was uneventful except for one painful moment when the table attachment fell and hit me in the foot.  I am pretty sure 2 toes are broken but I think my flipflop really saved me because they squished under impact and right above where my toes were is a gouge in the foam where the sharp piece from the table hit, I’m very glad I still have all my toes.  They were very apologetic and I think they fired the poor guy who set up our table.  Two days later it feels better but stairs are still a pain and last night one of the broken toes was all purple and swollen, this morning it is back to normal so I think it was just because of all the running around I did all day.  Sunday we had friends over for dinner and rounded out the weekend by trouncing them in Pictionary, it really was mostly luck because I’m a good guesser and we got some easy words.


Yesterday something got into Niamh and she was a ball of sadness and cranky when I picked her up.  She didn’t sleep well all day but resisted a nap by screaming her head off.  She was reasonably happy (well, not screaming) if I was holding her, preferably nursing her…  We took a nap together since there is only so much one can do under a 15lb lump of baby and she still was not happy when she woke up (cue more crying).  When Lars got home at 8 he took a turn and she immediately puked on him and was then all smiles.  We did diaper-bath-book- bed routine and all was well again just an hour behind schedule.  I’m starting to really think teeth but she didn’t have a fever.  I’m hoping today she feels better after daycare and we have a more normal evening


7-19 9am ish 10lb 9oz

Family announcement; This morning my sister Sinead had her third baby boy at around 9am, his name is Connor William and he was a very healthy baby.  I talked to Sinead around 10am and she sounded great (was even bossing someone around).  I was on the way to the event already so this is the first chance I had to post.  Mom and Dad are camping this weekend so while they got a phone call, I’m in charge of posting the news so all other family gets the message equally quickly. 

Edited 7/20 to add:

Got a picture and details of the birth are now cleared to be shared.  Baby Connor, while spending the last three weeks giving his mom lots of pre-labor and even a false alarm made a dramatic entrance AT HOME!  I talked to Sinead around 8am and she sounded distracted and in labor and she said that today would be the day.  We finished our conversation rather abruptly because Nade had to go to the bathroom so I told her good luck and hung up.  About 2 hours later she called me from the Ambulance taking a ride into the hospital with Conner on the outside (she was bossing the driver who was lost).  Conner was born in their bathroom with Dan doing the catching.  Sinead said she went to the bathroom and while in there she got some really hard labor all of a sudden so she just stayed and called for Dan and in the next few minutes Conner was born.  I suppose if having a completely unplanned home birth the bathroom is the best choice (Sinead agrees) it is tiled and clean and well lit.  Not the most cofortable but probably the most sterile.  Anyway, to the hospital they went to get weighed (9lb 9oz) and checked out (all good) and they choose to go home rather then stay the night so at 8pm she was home in bed with a new tiny baby Conner.  Dan’s job this morning is to clean the bathroom.

week two at work complete

Deep breath of relief, we made it two whole weeks.  Two weeks, in my opinion, is how long it takes you to get used to anything.  I think mom told me that once, or maybe I read it, but I have certainly experienced it and I’ve told tons of people to wait out two weeks and see what they thought then.  Anyway, we are semi settled in a sort of routine and that is about the best I can hope for…

Not that there are no funny problems but atleast nobody cries or screams all day…  Pumping at work has been alot easier then I thought it might be.  There is a great little room just for pumping with a sink and fridge and nice chair and footstool and a small side tabe (and that is 100% of what is in the room…) and it is out in our front area so every time I go to pump I just look like I’m going to a meeting.  I have probably upped my production by pumping, I get 8oz at least both times I pump and she tends to eat either 2 or 3 4oz bottles a day.  Not too bad a problem to have and I even lost 2 pounds last week.  One day the room was locked and I thought maybe our security guy locked it since there was a conference or something going on but when I went to the bathroom on my way to the desk to get the key a person HR I really don’t like much, due to her complete inefficiencies, blithely told me that someone else needed the room and she just told them to go ahead and not worry about coordinating.  This is ironic because she is one of the few people in the building who’s job it is to know what the employees need and access to the nursing room is #1 for me andI had it booked in our online system.  So I was semi exploding during the half hour between meetings I had and on top of it all feeling guilty for rushing the other woman who to her credit had tried to find out when I would need the room since all my stuff was in there!  Honestly that has been one of the worst problems all week and I got over it quickly (other then adding to the list of sins committed by this HR person).


Afterwork I’ve picked up Niamh without problems every day.  Every day her teachers say she had a good day, I’m not sure what that means exactly but I guess she is doing fine.  For the first few days she clung to me like a baby monkey and this week she has just been super tired and naps as soon as we get home.  I wish she would do her napping there and her cute baby faces here!  They are working on getting her on a sort of schedule, hopefully that schedule will be that she wakes up from a refreshing nap at 4 ready to eat then play.  I think she has gotten used to all the kids around her because yesterday at a friends birthday party where there were 2 semi naughty 2 year olds and assorted older kids all screaming and playing and she fell asleep just like normal at 8pm and slept through the racket until we left 30min later.  I really like that she just shuts down for the day at 8.  We are encouraging it by having bath, diaper, cuddles, and a book done between 7 and 8 and putting her down at 8 but I know that the fact she is going right to sleep then is 85% luck.  Lars and I have been eating dinner at 8:30 for years so this works nicely with our schedule and while I wish I/we had more baby time it is great to have dinner and adult time every night with just Lars. 


I’m not sure if I mentioned it but work has given us all the option to work from home one day a week and I picked Thursdays.  It is very nice to not worry about feeding Niamh fast enough so I can get out the door in time atleast one day a week.  I can also get the laundry done on Thursday, I can do tons of work and progressing the laundry does not even take 10 min out of the day but it makes me much more calm to know I have a day to get it done.  Because of this one day at home, I am far less stressed every other day and I can focus on Niamh for the 3 hours a day she is awake with me.  All of us at work are very glad for this new perk and we are making sure BossD knows how happy we are 🙂


Ok, today we are heading to an event(ish thing) and I need to finish packing.  Hope everyone has/had a good weekend!


Top news of the day for the SCA people who read me;  We are going to the event this weekend.  I have been told that it is happening, just not as a formal event, and since it is close and we had a few pieces of business we will be going anyway.  I am planning on bringing a lot of my garb wip and hopefully some kind people will help me finish some, even if someone just entertains Niamh that would be a big help.  Lars is bringing the armor and will fight and train etc. We will probably leave our house around 8ish getting there around 10ish.  So, if you were wondering about weekend plans, that’s what we are doing on Saturday.


Last weekend was our big summer event and I think it went very well.  I purposefully did not plan myself into a corner, we had no meetings and I only planned to attend one tournament.  It was a beautiful day (following a very stormy night) and I had a great time wandering and talking to people and I even got a nap.  Saturday night ended up being cold so I put Niamh in bed with me and that was nice in some ways but not great for sleeping.  She was of the opinion she was at an all night all you can eat milk bar and banged her head into me a lot….  The drive home was not bad, we ate semi scary food at a roadside place and we made good time.  We all were off schedule but only one of us was teething and annoyed with life, poor baby.


The trauma of the weekend was cat caused.  We accidently locked Mr Pink in our bedroom before we left.  We thought he was outside and even had our neighbors on the lookout for him but he must have been hiding and asleep somewhere in our room.  Well, while you can hardly blame him, he peed in the bassinet, I suppose there were worse possible places and it does resemble a litter box (square with short sides).  Anyway that meant that Niamh again had to sleep with us in the bed and it was bad night of sleep take two.  I did not manage to get all the stink off the mattress yet so last night we just put her in the cradle.  Why is she not in her crib you may ask, well, she has a bad habit right now of waking up at 3am and wanting her pacifier and will cry for 45min if just left so until I have a free weekend to break the habit by letting her cry (self sooth as they say) it is far easier to have her within arms reach to plug back in.  


So other then cat pee and a semi cranky baby on Sunday the weekend was great.  Court was almost exactly 1 hour and I think everyone enjoyed it.  Our bard sang a really funny song while we were waiting for someone to be fetched from the archery field and the treat of the day was white chocolate swans made by Kristen.  Niamh was great the majority of the time and went to sleep like an angel for every nap and bedtime.  She was one of 3 or 4 tiny babies there and there were tons of little toddlers and kids too so Northshield is having a population boom.


This week is looking fairly normal so far.  Work of me, daycare for Niamh and in the afternoon we  try and do a walk if she is in a good mood.  No special afternoon or evening plans.  One of these days I need to go exercise again, I just hate wasting the 3 hours I see her a day off exercising.  I think the only option is exercising at 5am but I’m going to just let the nursing diet take care of me for a bit longer (officially now at pre pregnancy weight, just not the same shape).


Time to work – more pictures to load when I get home~