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Well… apparently I can only get to write a post once a week.  Really I just don’t have that much to say but I make up for it with flikr pictures.  Last week I spent most free time packing for the event and making a dress.  Well the dress never did get done, I’m going to give it another shot tomorrow but I just didn’t like how it was turning out and had other things to do. 

My sister Josie arrived Friday morning and I’m very glad she didn’t really care if the house was super clean or not because I really didn’t do more then load the dishwasher in her honor.  Anyway, we were only going to be at the house for a little while since the plan was to go to a camping event about 2 hours away.  We didn’t leave on Friday so we got there bright and early on Saturday and though the morning felt really rushed because I felt like we were behind all day, it was a very fun event.  The King and Queen of Calontir were really great, we just have good luck with Calontir since I said the exact same thing about this event from our last reign (side note, that post became the #1 result if you searched King of Calontir).  We all chatted the afternoon away and for court we got to ride in on horses, someone was taking professional pictures so once I get them I’ll post them because the day was beautiful and the horses looked very grand….

I hate to say it out loud, but, one of the very nice parts of the day was that Niamh was completely taken care of and Lars and I ate an uninterrupted meal together for the first time in a month or more.  The feast was tasty, the company was great, and it was a very nice couple of hours.  I love her so much but we do spend 99.9% of our time together so an occasional break is nice.

Speaking of my darling child 🙂  As you can see in my flikr side bar she is getting to be a pro at holding up her big head.  She has been doing it for a couple days now.  She also ‘talks’ to me and it is in the coo sounding family rather then the goat/pig noises she used to make.  Today she army crawled a little bit, it totally surprised me because I put her about a foot away and then all of a sudden the bumped into my leg.  My weekly milestone e-mail said she would have her first real smile this week and she has been doing that for weeks, I have a smile genius 🙂  My time for writing is up, time to go mom some more.

6 weeks old

The turning point, the time when things are supposed to get easier!  Things are going well, we did just fine all weekend alone and actually I think we got more on schedule then ever since I focused on it a bit.  I didn’t get much garb done but I am working on more today and for the rest of the week so hopefully I’ll have something to wear this weekend for both days.  Since I should be sewing not blogging I’ll go but I just have this quick comparison picture – one week old to six weeks old

and these are only semi posed, I do put her in the laundry basket to go down to the laundry room when she isn’t sleeping or otherwise settled, there just isn’t another way to hold her and the laundry….


The last few days have been uneventful.  A little fussy time but not too much and she is eatingvery well now, no more 5 min snacks!  Developmentally she is totally looking at us and will mimic a facial expression if she is in a good mood.  I thought it was a fluke but this morning I stuck out my tongue and she stuck out hers many times in a row.  No clue if this is ahead, behind or on track but it is fun.

Yesterday I discovered that our cats have started to hunt birds (evidence; dead bird on the doorstep) – I don’t know if the mice are hunted to extinction or the birds are just a new sport.  We have also had 2 tick incidents so they have all been dosed with anti flea/tick medicine.  I thought that since it only just got above 30 degrees for the last few days we were still safe.  The lawn is also screaming that it is spring because it has grown an inch in a week and really needs a mow and a weed and feed (stupid dandelions!).

This weekend Lars is going to Quest and I’m staying home alone for 3 days.  I’m hoping to fill the time with a sewing weekend and that should attract some friends to keep me company 🙂  I really do need to make garb, half because my chest is twice its normal size and now needs faster access to the outside world, and, half because by garb is getting worn out and no matter how much I love it some needs retirement.  So if you are thinking about being crafty or just social come on over! 

The biggest news yet, yesterday for the first time in a month, I worked out!  Only a 20min pilaties routine but I need to start slow.  The trick really is to find a time where I have 20min straight (that I wouldn’t rather be sleeping) so I need to act quickly when the conditions are right.  I’m hoping to exercise again today…

Ok, time to try and get some stuff requiring 2 hands done~

Baby pictures!

In creating our little daily routines, Niamh decided she loves the camera.  She smiles and poses and has a great time.  I wish my photography skill (or camera?) was better to do it justice.  Today (so far) has been pretty good, she has eaten a bunch, was smiley and happy for the next 45min and more or less put herself to sleep for her two naps today.  If only she would sleep a little longer at night it would be perfect.  Yesterday she fell of the wagon in early evening, getting all fussy and not eating or sleeping right but today is a new day and maybe tonight she will be mellow.  Since she is asleep I might take a nap too – here is the product of today’s photo session of ham baby (Ok, so her complication is a little on the spotty side at the moment but it is getting better.  It kills me to not do anything other the wash her face twice a day (other then spit up).  ;

Happy Mothers Day (yesterday)

Yesterday was my first mothers day, last year Niamh did not exist.  Lars and I discussed if technically she did exist since women have all their eggs from birth etc but he says ‘she’ did not exist until he had his input since before that the egg was just half a potential person therefore could not ‘be’ her.  This is what we talk about on our walks, its better then discussing the color of her poop.

Anyway, Mothers day started out tough because we didn’t get home from crown until 2ish and from about 2-4 she told me all about how she really did not care for being left with other people all day etc.  She repeated her displeasure (and lack of schedule) at 5am and then 7am until we finally got her back on track around 10 and from then on she was a much happier baby.  Lars made me brunch on the couch because I really had no desire to have my 3 hours of sleep (10-1) disturbed.  We spent a nice afternoon playing with Niamh and being semi lazy leaving all the unpacking undone and at 7 we had a massive webcam conference with Mom, Dad, Grandy and Josie in Sayville; Sinead, TJ and B in Texas; and, Lars, Niamh and me in MN and for about an hour we chatted and watched each other and it almost felt like we were in the same place.  The perk of videoconferencing is that you get to see and hear everyone but nobody had to smell Niamh’s diaper or had to protect their glasses from TJ and B doing toddler tricks!

Crown itself was a huge success in all ways.  There really was nobody we didn’t want to win and the tournament was very clean and fun and the winners are people I really like and since we were their heirs, I know we can work together.  Niamh was very good for the whole thing – she handled 5 hours in the car no problem on the way there and back.  She was only a little cranky at the hotel and she was a star at the event being passed from person to person and flirting with all the knights in the knights meeting.  She was full of smiles (when she was not combat sleeping) and other then totally throwing her schedule off kilter she had a good day.  I am looking forward to events where every second is not scheduled so I can actually visit with people, hopefully some of those are coming up soon.

Today has been good so far.  We were both clean and dressed before noon and she is napping so I can post and hopefully eat lunch before she gets up.  The grand plans for the day include going to the bank and walmart and maybe the grocery store, but, we might save the grocery store for tomorrow.  I also need to get all the random stuff on our table sorted out so this weekend there is space for massive sewing.

Time to get going – new pictures on flickr if you want more pictures but here is one of my little carpet lump!

Clean is nice

I know I complain about the cleaning ladies, that they are not all that great etc but they just whisked through in an hour and I have vacuumed floors, clean kitchen and bathrooms, and clean sheets on the bed.  All these things I am capable of doing as well or better but the time to do so is just not mine at the moment.  The other good thing is the precleaning this forces us into, I spent a good chunk of my sporadic free time over the past two day tidying so the laundry is all away and the clutter is banished for the moment.  Now I sit in relative peace with a sleeping baby and a cup of nice coffee and rather then just read my bloglist I have a chance to say hi to the outside cyber world…

I think I’ve caught up on the interesting stories from a few weeks ago I think, did I mention the lousy manicure/pedicure I got?  Well it is worth mentioning twice it was that bad, but just the guy I got, Mom’s guy was great so watch out for the young guy at Express Nails in Blaine by the Target.  (anyone have a good recommendation of a mani/peti place?)  Anyway, the only purposeful omission is the birth story itself and I’ll get around to composing my thoughts on that sore subject at some point.  This week I have been prepping for crown, getting all the regalia reviewed and actually washing and cleaning the stuff (nobody ever does that…).  Tonight I’m bringing all the crowns to G2’s house to do crown maintainance night – I hope to re-line one with thin black leather, look at lining another set with thicker white leather, fix the padding on the others and generally clean them all.  I’m glad for the help, the reason to leave the house, and the adult company for a few hours.

Niamh has been in the outside world for 4 weeks and she has changed alot over them.  She has grown out of newborn diapers (apx 80 used) and is firmly in size 1 (so far we are in our 3rd package of 88).  She is not big enough for a 1.5 yet because her legs are too skinny.  She eats better now most of the time, usually 10 min at least and in the past few days she has had 20-30m feedings.  She also sleeps alot but not always at times I would like her too…  She is more or less on an every 3 h schedule

speaking of… she is in need and I’ve already had this draft up all morning… I wish I could write more and soon I will