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So where was I… last post coronation was still in the future and now it is over a week in the past.  Theday of coronation went great, Niamh was an angel all day with only a peep now and then when she was hungry.  The royalty room had a fridge so the milk supply was nice and fresh and I am very lucky that she will take food from anyone or anything – I hope she is more choosy in the future but right not it is great knowing that anyone can feed her.  I did get stuck in a string of meetings while and while she was eating my poor chest was exploding, good thing the over dress was a dark color and not tight to my chest.  Anyway the day was perfect, things went even better then I could have hoped with court and the guard tournament and it was just an awesome day.  The down point was dinner because I was over tired anyway and they took absolutely forever to serve us, I think it was 10pm before we got food. 

Sunday Mom Dad (who arrived without incident late Friday) and Niamh and I went to church.  I have gone to church every week Mom was here and hopefully I can keep it up on my own.  Lars does not do church but Niamh counts as company so I won’t have to go alone.  The church in town is very nice and friendly and I recognized alot of people from work, I hope they don’t think I’m an unwed mother or something…  After church we hung out for a bit then went out to eat at Goodearth (our new favorite restaurant) and spent a pleasant afternoon and evening together.  Dad had to go way too early the next morning and I wish he had more time with us but the weekend was great.

Skipping to today, I went to the Dr for a follow up and was declared much better and healing well.  I feel better too, less on edge and in pain, I guess time and antibiotics heal most problems.  Since Niamh was sleeping nicely I popped over to work for lunch and a visit.  I know it is a bit silly to visit work again but it was easier to go get lunch from them then to go home and pull something together.  We spent an hour and a half strolling around work talking to people and catching up.  Lars was with his team today so he was gone from 8:30am and was not expected home until 8pm and Niamh is not a good conversationalist so it was nice to talk to people for a bit.  There weren’t alot of people in today but still nice to see those that were.  After the visit we went home and she ate and then got a bit fussy so we walked to the store since it was a beautiful day and then I walked with her for about 2 more miles.  I had a nice conversation with Miss Math teacher and Lars got home around 8 but he is on duty so he is still working.  Lots happened in the past week, even a blog worthy story or two so I’ll try and do a bit a day now that she has a semi predictable schedule and I don’t feel like something the cat puked up (and then another cat ate and re-puked up)


Porch Buddha says, “Why is it snowing on me five minutes to May?!?”


Home this weekend

So where have I been?  Mostly looking alot like this…. Niamh really likes to sleep on people and it is really hard to type like this.  We have also strolled around the block lots of times and we have made many trips to the Doctor.  Actually the last trip was for me; Wednesday I still felt crummy 2 weeks postpartum and I realized that I was actually running a pretty sizable fever and all night it got worse and at one point I had over 101 so Thursday I called and they told me to come in asap and they said I had an infection and they prescribed some heavy duty antibiotics.  The antibiotics stink as bad as the fever but instead of aches and chills I have a bad taste, headache, and general icky feeling.  I believe they are working and I would really like to be healthy and get a little bit done other then feed and change and bath Niamh. 

Both the dr and dr mom highly recommended that I do not go to the event this weekend.  So, here I am, at home and momentarily not under a baby.   Lars went without me and hopefully I packed everything he needed.  He did not want to leave me home but mom is here and we have court business to do so he had to go. 

Hopefully by Monday I’ll be better and be able to get on top of all the e-mail and stuff that needs doing.

baby time all the time

So I have had Niamh external and in the house for one week and she has taken over alot but I like to think not 100%.    There was one really bad night she woke up every hour and a half but the past two nights she has eaten a TON at 11 and 2am but then stayed asleep until around 6:30 7ish.  It extra helps that Lars feeds her a bottle (of my milk since I have plenty to spare) at the 2am ish feeding so I can sleep from 11 or 12 until 4am or 6.  The milk situation is settling down, not perfect but not making 3 times what she can eat anymore.

Over the past week we have left the house atleast once a day;

Monday – doctors and post office and bank

Tuesday – I forget but we did something

Wednesday – we went shopping at Michaels and Target, the stroller is great for shopping and it was a beautiful day for strolling.  Wed night we went up to visit T&K and their youngest is a tiny bit jealous any time her mom holds the baby…  I’m sure she will warm up after a few weeks.

Thursday – we strolled around the block for a mile and also met the new neighbor – he is a widdower with a 4 year old, a bit sad but he seems happy about the house and neighborhood etc.

Today I’m not sure what our ‘leave the house’ plans might be but I have a huge amont of stuff to get done for coronation that is TOMORROW!!!  My dad also flys in late tonight but I’ll probably stay home playing the part of all you can eat bufffet.

Otherwise we have gotten very little done.  I know I’m not saying anything the moms out there don’t know but trying to do things in 1 hour chunks (the time left over between feedings, cleaning self and baby after feeding, possible awake time, and changing diapers) so I have done no sewing or craft things I need to get done for tomorrow.  I can do e-mail and computer stuff while she eats, it just limits my typing speed. 

Well, she is fed and sleeping and I must get going on my massive to-do list and gather all the stuff I need for tomorrow.


Yesterday the yarn show wentvery well.  We all got dressed and out of the house and Niamh did great in her first 45min car ride.  I think I was more nervous that I could not see her (today I bought a mirror for the car) but not a peep.  The stroller was great and kept people at arms length but the show was not really all that crowded.  We all wore our matching socks, 3 generations, and everyone who saw us cooed and awed at us and could not believe she was only 5 days old.  I also had my first public nursing experience and it went well.  If you have to nurse publicly for the first time a knitting convention full of grandmas and generally organic style people is the place to go, nobody batted an eyelash.  After we browsed we participated in the 1000 knitting experiment and then we headed out to lunch at a great restaurant Good Earth.  Everything was quick and tasty and it is on the list of places to go again and if Miss Math teacher visits she will be in heaven because everything is organic/home made there – for once going out to eat will include actual menu choices.

Today mom and I went to church leaving Niamh home with Lars.  I think I’ll probably bring her in the future because then I won’t have to go alone.  I’ve never really stopped being Catholic but I have not gone to church in ages because I didn’t want to go solo and it is not something Lars can handle on a weekly basis.  The rest of the day has been mellow, just catching up on little things and taking more pictures.

This one is for Gullybogan – the bassinet did arrive in time but here is a baby in a laundry basket;  She was fairly happy about it and all that laundry is from two days, she is pretty leaky (and so am I).

 This one is just because it is really pretty… 

Well time to feed her again, I’m trying to fill her up during the day so she sleeps a little longer at night.  It is kinda working.  Last night she only ate twice during times I wish I was sleeping for about 25 min each but each ‘session’ took 45min because we had to take a break to change a diaper or burp or something and after the first time when I thought she was done and 10min later she demanded more I am just going to give her a little extra time rather then making many extra trips in and out of bed. 

What to say…

Well day 5 of Niamh’s life and today we plan on taking an outing to a yarn event south of the cities.  We are taking the stroller for a maiden voyage since it arrived yesterday and mom and Lars put it together.  Yesterday mom and I adventured to the grocery store and walmart without baby and I am cautiously optimistic about our morning trip today.

Lars has been absolutely fabulous.  He watches her until about 2 or 3am while he is playing games and gives her a bottle and changes many diapers.  He can tell when she is pooping now (not a hard sound to miss) or hungry and so far we can’t tell if she has any sleepy signs other then being asleep.  She does keep her eyes open alot more then I expected, she is taking in all the world and she sometimes makes smiling faces and she seems generally pleased with life. 

Given her messyness of poops and milk all over her face many times a day we gave her a bath that she liked the hair washing bits and did not really like the body washing part.  Here are a few pictures we could not resist taking;









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