Archive | March 27, 2008

Maybe the last Baby Dr visit

Sorry about the late post today, have you been noticing I have been trying to post something early so everyone has something to read at their coffee breaks?  Today was one of those non-stop scheduled days that practically nothing of usefulness resulted other then lots of talking about ongoing situations.

 At 2:15 I headed out the door telling the group I was going to get weighed and measured and I was not coming back!  I actually had another sonogram today and then a dr apt but they don’t need the gory details, I just didn’t want them to think I had run off to have a baby and didn’t tell anyone.  Anyway, the sonogram was very good – the baby is right where she is supposed to be.  The tech was extremely excited because we could see that the baby has lots of wispy hair and she took 2 pictures of it but it looked more cute on the screen.  The baby measures well over 7pounds and is all ready to be born.

 At 3 I trekked upstairs for my baby dr apt and the stupid nurse was as ditsy as ever but atleast the Dr makes up for her.  He checked me out and I’m dilated to a 2 and 60% effaced so everything is moving along.  He said that if I’m still pregnant by next Thursday he would like to maybe induce – I’ll see how I feel about that in a week.

 Mom is arriving tomorrow and I had hoped to have the afternoon off but I have too many meetings plus all the loose ends I’m trying to tie up that I really have to get her and then get back to work.  

I am now going to enjoy the nice weather and take a walk – hopefully I don’t shake the baby loose since Lars is supposed to work tonight.