Archive | March 19, 2008


I can’t believe it is Wed already, the week is flying by!  Today I had another baby dr apt and I’m still not dilated at all (good!) and they said my stomach should not itch so much and told me to use a cortisone cream so my picky skin decided to get rushy for some reason.  It makes me feel a bit better that I’m not just a wimp… 

Monday I did not get anywhere near enough done, Tuesday was my first day training my replacement so most of the day was shot, today I had a long dull meeting then the dr apt and trying to squeeze in training plus get work done meant I stayed an extra hour and a half at work.  I can look forward to mid next week when my replacement will be taking over most of the day to day and I can just finish up documentation and loose ends.  I’m sure I won’t like being bored but I’ll feel better knowing he can handle the day to day while I’m still there to help.

I am very happy to have Friday off, I’m going to clean for the party and relax.  I don’t have firm Easter plans but so far we know we are making deviled eggs (possibly just for us).  Hopefully we will know more at some point soon but Easter may be the day I actually get around to doing the sewing that is piling up.

 So 38 weeks and counting…