Archive | March 18, 2008

My Fav Store

In baby free Sunday we went to the Mall and did the leisurely wander and went to my favorite store ever The Afternoon.  I would like to own about 99% of what is in this store and that is an extremely rare thing for me.  I looked and they have a website too, I can’t say I would want everything on the site because I bet there is a ton but I am going to spend some quality time browsing it now that I found it.

 We also ate at the best sushi place in the cities (and we have tried most of them) Tiger Sushi.  I so wish this was closer….

In preparation for baby, I took time to appreciate sleeping until almost 10am, the trip to the mall, taking a super long shower and snuggle time.  I am happy to report that we saw infants/children in all the places we like at the mall and I bet that my sleeping late and long showers will be more rare but only for a little while and there is room on our couch for 3 so I’m not worried, I am not thinking my life will be ‘over’ – just taking the time to crystallize how life is now.