Archive | March 17, 2008

Pregnancy list

I have been very lucky and also trying hard to not complain about any pregnancy related things but it is getting a bit harder to ignore them all at this point.  Keeping with the theme here is a list of the positives and negatives of this experience

#1 Negative; The absolute worst itchy stretch marks, they itch so badly sometimes I can’t stand it. The only thing that helps is massive amounts of lotion. 

#1 Positive; my leg hair stopped growing at like month 1.  It still does actually grow but not shaving for a week looks like what is normally a day.  I read somewhere this is a fairly rare occurrence but I’ll take it.

Other Negatives; some foot swelling but nothing too bad, the inability to sleep on my stomach, some random leg cramps, and I feel like I use the thigh master daily with the amount of inner thigh soreness I’ve had over the past few weeks and actually the #2 worst complaint is heartburn but it is manageable with tums so I’m getting my calcium and curing my second most irritating side effect.  Last negative is massive sleepiness, I am hoping it is pregnancy related because I can’t have sleeping be my biggest hobby for the rest of my life.

Other Positives; I’m putting the bump itself as a positive, it is pretty cool that I’m able to fit a person in there and I never have to tell people I’m pregnant.  Lars has been making sure I’m not moving or carrying heavy objects and I can get him to bring the laundry down to the machines and while he is down there he starts the first load (I’m on my own for the rest, he has a certain deafness for the washer or dryer).  I can eat or not eat, sleep or not sleep and have a fairly good reason.  I’m never not doing anything and if I am doing anything it counts as multitasking because I’m doing laundry (or reading a book) and making a person.

I can go on with more positives and negatives but so far, with only a few weeks to go, I feel pretty good.  There are pains but no worse then when I played field hockey every day and I did that for years straight. 

Enough navel gazing (my now sticks out by the way) and time for work.