Archive | March 11, 2008

Post of the day

To answer a question from the comment gallery from my pretend friend; He asks why I seem to always have a black rubberband on my fingers and are they significant?

 First, nice odd object identification! They are in fact black hair elastics that I’m very specific about using because they are cloth covered and have no metal bits to get stuck in my hair.  My hair grows really fast and is very long at the moment so it is handy to always have a hair tie or two.  I got in the habit of keeping them on my left thumb and now I don’t even notice they are there.  I tend to accumulate them, maxing out around 3 but usually a min of one.

 When they are on my left hand they are entirely insignificant, but, I’ll move them to my right index finger when I need to remember something.  Having something on my right hand is odd enough that I usually remember whatever I was supposed to do.  Lars does the same thing with his wedding ring even though someone told him that wearing your wedding ring on your right ring finger means your wife is dead.  I don’t think it will case me to die, and, I like him actually remembering things at times….

 Appro to nothing, the other day I was getting ready for work and Lars was still sleeping and he started laughing in his sleep.  I asked why he was laughing and he said ‘midgets’.  I told him about it later and he has no idea why he said it but it still makes him laugh 🙂 

 Ok, today I must do the at least some of things I intended to do yesterday and that starts with 1 mile on the elliptical while the laundry is getting washed followed by actually putting away the laundry.  Not exactly an exciting night but I’m pretty proud I can still run a mile 9 months pregnant.