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Back in MN

Traveling was relatively easy…  All flights were ontime, I was upgraded to first class again and the flight was smooth and quick.  The only slight annoiance was that the luggage took 30min to start popping out and instead of the big baggage carousel that we were supposed to be on to the tiny one at the last minute and there was a bunch of little kids in the way ‘helping’ their dad but completely blocking a quarter of the belt so to get my bag I had to practically check them out of the way.  Lars was right outside and we got home and he ate is NY pizza and we watched tv and caught up and I kept falling asleep so I am posting this quick and then going to bed for real, either it was a busy week or the baby is growing a liver and stealing my energy (or both) but I’m ready for an early night.


Last full day in NY

and it was sure full!  Started the morning at midnight at KB toys and got a few good deals for the kids in my life, the line was long but it moved.  We were at home by 1am so overall not a bad trip.  After sleeping for a while, up again and out to Kholes (at 10, not at 4am) and mom and I teamed shopped and I finished quite a few people on my list.  I got home in time to eat lunch then meet Bevie for a trip out east to find a tree… I pointed out alot of likely trees but she rejected all specimens growing on other peoples lawns and we ended up not making it to the farm before it closed on us.  It was still a nice drive and a nice visit and we finished the visit with a pumpkin muffin and a half hour visit with her boyfriend.  My day was not near over, I got home, ate dinner and then visited all my aunts and uncles to deliver their Christmas gift and visit for a while.  Finally I picked up half a pizza for Lars and the pizza guy was pretty happy because I didn’t even want it heated up since it is going right into my suitcase.

 Now I’m finishing my entry for the day and then collect my stuff so I’ll be ready to leave tomorrow morning.  By this time tomorrow I’ll be in MN again.

Happy Thanksgiving

It feels a little odd to be a different place then Lars, I think this is the first Thanksgiving in 7 years we were not together.  Many of those holidays were with our families one or two with friends and a few we were completely by ourselves and we went out to dinner (usually to find only Bennagans was open) but we were together.

 This year I’ve gone to church and visited with Bevie and helped make pies and veggies and everything is cooking for our 7pm dinner.  I think there will be 25 or 30 eating together tonight…  Later I need to chart out what to get where for shopping tomorrow morning, I don’t think I can get mom up for 4am but there really is something satisfying to having so much done before everyone else wakes up.  Mom’s girlscout troup adopted a family and so she has a list of kids things to get and I need to figure out just what I am getting but I know it will be fun.

Countdown to Turkey

Today was a pleasant day in Sayville and on vacation.  I stayed up way too late with Heather, my parents said it was funny to see us ‘princessing’ at each other.  I don’t’ think we were doing anything special but we did talk plans and differences between what we are doing in our respective kingdoms.  Heather had to get on a 7:27 train and that was way early but we made it just fine.

I took a nap after dropping her off and when I got up again I puttered around and finished up some work I didn’t finish yesterday.  I read my book and did some internet recon for black Friday and then went out with a couple of highschool friends.  We went grocery shopping for all our respective mothers and it was a mob scene but we made it home with most of what was on the list to get.

Tonight I cooked dinner and finished my baby hat (the knitting project) and watched some TV with my parents.  Exciting stuff I know but it is fun to just not do too much and see everyone I never see.

Tomorrow is turkey day, we are all going over to our aunts house for the big meal and it will be fairly late (like real dinner time, not lunch) so I have all morning to get some homework done.

another late post

Not much to say really because I worked all day, mom fixed my knitting mistakes and Heather is visiting… more tomorrow because I officially took the day off!

A new twist on Monday

So I’m in NY for the week but today and tomorrow are work days.  Monday is still Monday even if you get to work in jammies at the kitchen table…  The staff meeting still took an hour and a half and the 4 other regular Monday meetings all happened to so it is hard to get much done around them.  It was nice to see mom during breaks and lunch but still a mostly typical Monday.

I went to dinner with two old school friends.  Neither of them had seen the bump yet and one of them hasn’t talked to me in ages and didn’t even know so it was a bit of a shock but worked out ok.  We ate Greek food and talked about life but the one I haven’t talked to in ages is totally engrossed in being a wife and being in her new wife world. 

 Tomorrow more work and then Heather is coming to visit so we will have a good time I’m sure.