Archive | November 29, 2007

Almost done with the November Challange

Just one more day and November is finished!  This month went very quickly and I can’t believe it is almost over…

 Tonight Lars and I went to spend my Kohles dollars and we got something for Josie and then we went to Target and did some much needed grocery shopping and now there is lemon chicken in the oven.  I have about 75% of the scroll done, all I have left is the white work really so it should go quickly tonight while I watch TV.  Court should be relatively short this weekend especially since there is really no place for it so it will be done on the fly somewhere during the day and I think there are only a few orders of business.  It is a little sad to not be able to show off a bit since this in an interkingdom event it would be a good time to show how well the rapier community is supported, all 4 royals will be there and everything!

Next week is super busy, I have a vet apt on Monday with all three cats, a Dr apt on Wed as well as school, work Christmas party on Thursday and Friday I’ll be in WI visiting a supplier and then picking up Konrad and Heather for Boars Head and in WI and Chicago for the remainder of the weekend.  I guess I need to pack on Tuesday…  I did get official word today that I can work from NY again so I can do a full week for Christmas AND Lars got the week off duty too so we will have a good time.  I might need to get creative with flights since NYC is not that good with times, Newark is looking much more attractive.

Time to get busy finishing a scroll!