Archive | November 28, 2007

Finance class

Or should I say how to add a dollop of poo to an already annoying day.  My work day was riddled with annoying people and situations plus all my work friends were at different sites so I had nobody to eat lunch with.  I was already in a bad mood when three annoying SCA things came up, none bad in isolation but together just stink.

 Last – class – with the rabid accountant.  He can’t seem to communicate like a normal human like I ask him a question he does not even acknowledge the e-mail and then he more or less avoids talking to me.  My point to him is that I should not be punished for not being an accounting major, I am learning plenty but he teaches as if all of us want nothing more then a life in finance.  An MBA is more broad then that, but, he is just not seeing beyond his very narrow expectations.  He also did not know what or where Brown University was, nor MIT, so this really proves he lives in his own world.  Ironically that should really prove my point that he is too narrow but he just does not know the things he does not know… I am at least versed enough now to know what I don’t know.

 Time for dinner…