Archive | November 27, 2007

The Bookshelf MeMe

There has been a cool little meme about bookshelves so I’m posting mine.  The ‘rules’ are your not allowed to tidy them or replace embarrassing books. 

Here is my ‘non-fiction’ shelf.  Far left is mostly school books, center is literature (Shakespeare and Grimms and all Lars’ Go books.  Right shelf is all my art reference books and Lars’ computer language stuff.  Interspersed are pictures, mementos, and our wireless router.  The roses on the middle right shelf are from my maid of honors bouquet that she dried and mounted for me.

This is our “fiction” shelves.  I treat the thrift store like a library with a mandatory .50 fine because I buy the books but I either give them away or donate them back so the fiction shelf is all books that we love.  Top center are the Robert Jordan and Robin Hobb collections, Below are other a variety of Sci-fi and fantasy books.  The Harry Potter books are all supposed to be on the top left shelf but I guess the are scattered around the house because I only see one up there.  Second to bottom on the left is all Steven King and a few books on tape.  This shelf set is more messy because Lars sits by it…  This shelf also seems to have less accessories, just the Alice in Wonderland globe, the first gift Lars ever gave me, a crystal bowel wedding gift, and a favorite picture from our after prom party on the beach.

 As you can tell, I really did not clean these shelves but it is fun to show them to all of you, for a closer view click here