Archive | November 23, 2007

Last full day in NY

and it was sure full!  Started the morning at midnight at KB toys and got a few good deals for the kids in my life, the line was long but it moved.  We were at home by 1am so overall not a bad trip.  After sleeping for a while, up again and out to Kholes (at 10, not at 4am) and mom and I teamed shopped and I finished quite a few people on my list.  I got home in time to eat lunch then meet Bevie for a trip out east to find a tree… I pointed out alot of likely trees but she rejected all specimens growing on other peoples lawns and we ended up not making it to the farm before it closed on us.  It was still a nice drive and a nice visit and we finished the visit with a pumpkin muffin and a half hour visit with her boyfriend.  My day was not near over, I got home, ate dinner and then visited all my aunts and uncles to deliver their Christmas gift and visit for a while.  Finally I picked up half a pizza for Lars and the pizza guy was pretty happy because I didn’t even want it heated up since it is going right into my suitcase.

 Now I’m finishing my entry for the day and then collect my stuff so I’ll be ready to leave tomorrow morning.  By this time tomorrow I’ll be in MN again.