Archive | November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

It feels a little odd to be a different place then Lars, I think this is the first Thanksgiving in 7 years we were not together.  Many of those holidays were with our families one or two with friends and a few we were completely by ourselves and we went out to dinner (usually to find only Bennagans was open) but we were together.

 This year I’ve gone to church and visited with Bevie and helped make pies and veggies and everything is cooking for our 7pm dinner.  I think there will be 25 or 30 eating together tonight…  Later I need to chart out what to get where for shopping tomorrow morning, I don’t think I can get mom up for 4am but there really is something satisfying to having so much done before everyone else wakes up.  Mom’s girlscout troup adopted a family and so she has a list of kids things to get and I need to figure out just what I am getting but I know it will be fun.