Archive | November 21, 2007

Countdown to Turkey

Today was a pleasant day in Sayville and on vacation.  I stayed up way too late with Heather, my parents said it was funny to see us ‘princessing’ at each other.  I don’t’ think we were doing anything special but we did talk plans and differences between what we are doing in our respective kingdoms.  Heather had to get on a 7:27 train and that was way early but we made it just fine.

I took a nap after dropping her off and when I got up again I puttered around and finished up some work I didn’t finish yesterday.  I read my book and did some internet recon for black Friday and then went out with a couple of highschool friends.  We went grocery shopping for all our respective mothers and it was a mob scene but we made it home with most of what was on the list to get.

Tonight I cooked dinner and finished my baby hat (the knitting project) and watched some TV with my parents.  Exciting stuff I know but it is fun to just not do too much and see everyone I never see.

Tomorrow is turkey day, we are all going over to our aunts house for the big meal and it will be fairly late (like real dinner time, not lunch) so I have all morning to get some homework done.