Archive | November 19, 2007

A new twist on Monday

So I’m in NY for the week but today and tomorrow are work days.  Monday is still Monday even if you get to work in jammies at the kitchen table…  The staff meeting still took an hour and a half and the 4 other regular Monday meetings all happened to so it is hard to get much done around them.  It was nice to see mom during breaks and lunch but still a mostly typical Monday.

I went to dinner with two old school friends.  Neither of them had seen the bump yet and one of them hasn’t talked to me in ages and didn’t even know so it was a bit of a shock but worked out ok.  We ate Greek food and talked about life but the one I haven’t talked to in ages is totally engrossed in being a wife and being in her new wife world. 

 Tomorrow more work and then Heather is coming to visit so we will have a good time I’m sure.