Archive | November 15, 2007

Almost missed a day!

Oh my goodness!  I had another hectic day followed by a hectic evening where I fell asleep and just woke up and saw it was 11 already so I’m posting quickly.

 I relized yesterday that I had quite a bit to get packed and ready for the weekend and the week.  Lars is off to ToC tomorrow afterwork so I had to get his stuff all together including regalia and I am just not in the mindset of getting all the right regalia together.  I am off to NY for a WHOLE WEEK leaving early Sat so I need to pack basically all the clothing I fit, the gifts I already have for Christmas, work stuff, and scroll stuff because I took a scroll assignment.  I also get to take my knitting and hopefully my mom can show me how to reduce the hat because I’m about a quarter inch from that step.

Today I felt a bit better but not great, I don’t know if it is the baby or a cold but I found myself wide awake at 2am last night because my of coughing so I finally took a half dose of Tylenol and fell asleep. 

 I’ve gotten a few compliments on the belly pics, those pictures are really the only time I look at myself profile like that so it is almost as much a surprise to me as it is to others.  I agree with G, the bump is moving up!  I am doing my best to take the same angle and shot every-time so hopefully it will be a cool looking time-line, I take about 6 pictures and choose the best.  I think the tank top is stretchy enough to make it to the end, if not, more belly will show.  I feel motion every day but nothing quite distinct enough to call a kick or a punch but the sonogram showed that there was a fair amount of room for wiggling so the walls are not closing in on him/her yet so no real need to kick.

Work has been stressful (as if nobody could tell) but I did get a good compliment from the boss today, he says I’m being discussed as highly promotable so maybe next year sometime I’ll be moving up the ladder a bit.  I’m glad this MBA is good for something!

Time to finish packing and watch some TV with Lars and I hope to be sleeping again in an hour…