Archive | November 14, 2007

Today I am going to take Miss Zoots NAMBLO inspirational suggestion and write about gift giving rather then the fact that my work stinks and I felt like I was going to puke all day, so much so that I didn’t go to school and went home and went to bed.  (I’m awake because Lars just insisted on me eating eggs)

I usually feel like I am a fair gift giver and I say mostly because I feel bad about cop-out gifts that I resort to when I have zero inspiration. I enjoy shopping for people in general and I try to get something that is ‘them’ and also useful.  The pressure of Christmas is usually extra hard because trying to get just the right thing for so many people is extra hard, I usually end up giving up at some point.  This year we are giving Lars’s brother a months rent ‘free’ but he needs to get all the gifts from us for that part of the family from us. 

Over the years my sister Josie has consistently gave the best offbeat gifts.  They are always either outright useful or end up being something I use a ton.  My parents are also really good gift givers and there are gifts that I’m still using from 10 or 15 years ago.  Once my aunt (not the one who reads so that narrows it down) gave me a set of shirts that I really didn’t like much but she swore that they were great fashion staples and that I really needed to hold onto them, she was absolutely right and when I started working they got into regular rotation and I just put them away last month when the last of my regular shirts got put away.  I need to get a bit more organized and get things for people when they strike me and hold onto them until Christmas both to have better though out gifts and to avoid the paralysis of trying to do it all in one month or less.

Anyone else have gift theories?