Archive | November 11, 2007


I collected Lars at 12:30 am and I had a very nice evening with Jen to keep me awake until that point.  Earlier in the day I went on a fabric hunt to two different stores but we found the perfect silk for coronation.  I took a mid day nap and at 7 arrived at Jen’s for dinner (roast, potatoes and carrots) and then we went to see Lars and the Real Girl. It was a sad and funny movie at the same time, not necessarily one that needs to be seen on a big screen but definitely one to watch.  It was very sweet how the community came together to really help the guy.

 Today we slept in and I finally got around to the errands I’ve been meaning to do for weeks; I investigated the brand new library, I returned some things to Target and I got my aunts gifts for Christmas that I can deliver next week at Thanksgiving. 

 Back home now and I am going to spend some quality time playing computer games with Lars.