Archive | November 10, 2007


Friday night was a pleasant evening at home, 50% spent on the phone to friends and relatives.  I watched all the tv shows I like and Lars really does not and ate a big salad for dinner. 

Today used to be on the empty side but now I have a very full day planned and Lars helped by waking me up at 7am ish.  I talked to him for a while and got out of bed to find a YARN BANDIT HAD STRUCK!  The ball of yarn that took 40 hours to untangle left an ominous trail off the coffee table, across the living room, down stairs, down more stairs, and out of sight…  My cats like to store things in the toilets, and sometimes I find all their toys next to the litter box… this yarn is making a baby hat!  Disaster was averted when it seems whatever cat it was got the yarn tangled on my desk chair and it was relatively easy for me with my evolved thumbs to untangle it.  Lesson learned is that yarn balls must be more securely anchored.

So I bet a few of you are not here for a destructive cat story… you might want to know the gender of the impending child.  Well, it is a bit anticlimactic but the real story is that they could not get a good look but they are leaning 70% toward a girl.  I really did not have strong feelings of want for either gender but I was really looking forward to knowing for sure!  So for all the knitters, 70% girl, or, we might have a boy who I will dress funny in hand knit sweaters that may look a bit girlie 🙂

Back to the day, I need to get dressed and get moving.