Archive | November 8, 2007

Class last night was relatively painless and passed decently swiftly.  I think my amusement with the fact that the teacher wore a badly (too tight) fitting sweater that is the exact same shade of band-aid beige as the wall that occasionally he would just blend in and look like a floating head.  There is one more test due the last week of class and the final project that we are well on the way to done and that is it for the rest of the year.    Today is a busy day, I had nonstop meetings all morning and I have an apt at 4pm then I need to get Lars to the airport by 6:30 and back by 7 to meet people at my house.  Lars always wants to be early so I’m sure I’ll be home in plenty of time but somewhere in-between I need to order pizzas too.  Last night we cleaned a bit and did our insurance picks for the next year and packed for Lars for the trip all after school so I was amazed we finished it all by 11pm and I was asleep by 11:05.  I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow and sat with my ‘free’ time, I think I’ll try and get through all the work stuff that has piled up and stay a bit late to do it.  I am taking an hour or so in the middle of the day to get the BIG SONOGRAM so hopefully there will be results on gender in tomorrows post.  I also put in a call to the sonogram place and they have no recording technology so all Lars will get to see is still pictures.  I am sure he will survive and I think we get one more sonogram later on too and hopefully he can make that one.  Anyway, after the big appointment I’ll go back to work and attempt to get everything done that has slid over the past few weeks with traveling, emergencies, and classes eating up my time.