Archive | November 7, 2007


We did end up going out to Murray’s after all!  Murray’s is one of the best steak places in the cities, very expensive but very worth it.  We were given gift certificates a while ago so we finally got to use them.  About 7pm we got dressed up (Lars wore a button down and nice pants and everything) and we headed down.  We were seated right away and toasted our 3 years of marriage with Ginger Peach tea.  We were very over the top with food; salads, appetizers; Escargot and a goat cheese with mushroom canapé, main course; a huge steak we shared and then a crème burle and chocolate tower dessert.  Our waitress was very good and the whole meal was very satisfactory.    Today I booked tickets for Lars to be in NJ for about 40 hours, he is on duty Sunday and can’t miss work so he returns Sat night at midnight.  The ticket price was not too awful but the myth of bereavement rates still remains elusive – I was just loosing time by trying to chase it.  I know that it should be least of my worries when balanced with a death but I am a little sad that Lars will miss our big ultrasound on Friday and also our reign staff meeting tomorrow night. I know I’ll be fine without him but it would have been nice to have him there…  I walked my exam (due tonight) around to a few people today so in the end I only flat out guessed on one problem.  I’m going to ask the teacher if there is extra credit because I really feel like I need it.  I think I am very ready for a little break from school, I really hope the electives, that I get to choose, are a better fit for my brain.  I only have 3 core classes left and only one is accounting/finance based so I see the light if I can just keep going.  I also coincidently was reviewing my credit card charges and notice that the St Thomas parking garage has been double or triple charging me for parking.  I called the parking people and they were just like, “Oh, yeah, that has been happening”  so now I have to jump trough a bunch of hoops to get a refund that totals about $15 but really, they should have put up a sign or something because I never would have noticed if I wasn’t looking for something completely different.  So most of the way through today and it has been fairly ok, I am hoping school does not ruin the average for the day, atleast I have leftover steak to look forward to.