Archive | November 5, 2007


This weekend was oddly social for not setting foot out of the house and spending hours staring at a test…  I talked on the phone to a ton of different people, lots of IM’s and played the online game with Lars for a few hours on Sunday.  I also managed to ‘run’ for an hour and walk a few miles on Sunday with Lars, only the belly is allowed to grow, not the rest of me. I have about 5 questions on the test I just can’t find good answers for but guessing on 5 is better then guessing on 20. 

Today has been a typical Monday but instead of a massive long staff meeting we only met for 10min since there are only a few of us physically here.  It is amazing what an extra hour or so on Monday can do for you!  Tomorrow I have a batch of Dr appointments all afternoon, nothing too interesting and hopefully all results are normal and they let me go on my way but I’m trying to pre do work so I don’t have to worry about being gone.   Tomorrow is my 3 year wedding anniversary… both of us kinda forgot but we plan on going out for a nice dinner downtown.  I’ll pull up some wedding pictures to post tomorrow. 

That’s it for now~