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I won NaBloPoMo!

With this post I successfully completed the challenge!

 Today at work it was like the day before christmas because they are predicting 6 or more inches of snow this weekend so all the guys were very excited to take out their snowmobiles, the engineering group was giddy all day.  I hope the snow happens but I wish it didn’t need to snow on the roads as well as the grass and trees, I’m sure the plows will all be ready so it will be fine by monday.

 It has turned into winter quickly, it has not been above 30 degrees all week. My sunday project needs to be winterizing the house and maybe christmas decorations.  The aforementioned giddy engineers were wondering if the lakes are frozen enough yet… I say no but they say it is a matter of speed and displacement.  I suppose I’ll see who shows up on monday.

 Time for dinner and then I must pack, event tomorrow but it is low key and local so we don’t need to leave until about 9:30.

Almost done with the November Challange

Just one more day and November is finished!  This month went very quickly and I can’t believe it is almost over…

 Tonight Lars and I went to spend my Kohles dollars and we got something for Josie and then we went to Target and did some much needed grocery shopping and now there is lemon chicken in the oven.  I have about 75% of the scroll done, all I have left is the white work really so it should go quickly tonight while I watch TV.  Court should be relatively short this weekend especially since there is really no place for it so it will be done on the fly somewhere during the day and I think there are only a few orders of business.  It is a little sad to not be able to show off a bit since this in an interkingdom event it would be a good time to show how well the rapier community is supported, all 4 royals will be there and everything!

Next week is super busy, I have a vet apt on Monday with all three cats, a Dr apt on Wed as well as school, work Christmas party on Thursday and Friday I’ll be in WI visiting a supplier and then picking up Konrad and Heather for Boars Head and in WI and Chicago for the remainder of the weekend.  I guess I need to pack on Tuesday…  I did get official word today that I can work from NY again so I can do a full week for Christmas AND Lars got the week off duty too so we will have a good time.  I might need to get creative with flights since NYC is not that good with times, Newark is looking much more attractive.

Time to get busy finishing a scroll!

Finance class

Or should I say how to add a dollop of poo to an already annoying day.  My work day was riddled with annoying people and situations plus all my work friends were at different sites so I had nobody to eat lunch with.  I was already in a bad mood when three annoying SCA things came up, none bad in isolation but together just stink.

 Last – class – with the rabid accountant.  He can’t seem to communicate like a normal human like I ask him a question he does not even acknowledge the e-mail and then he more or less avoids talking to me.  My point to him is that I should not be punished for not being an accounting major, I am learning plenty but he teaches as if all of us want nothing more then a life in finance.  An MBA is more broad then that, but, he is just not seeing beyond his very narrow expectations.  He also did not know what or where Brown University was, nor MIT, so this really proves he lives in his own world.  Ironically that should really prove my point that he is too narrow but he just does not know the things he does not know… I am at least versed enough now to know what I don’t know.

 Time for dinner…

The Bookshelf MeMe

There has been a cool little meme about bookshelves so I’m posting mine.  The ‘rules’ are your not allowed to tidy them or replace embarrassing books. 

Here is my ‘non-fiction’ shelf.  Far left is mostly school books, center is literature (Shakespeare and Grimms and all Lars’ Go books.  Right shelf is all my art reference books and Lars’ computer language stuff.  Interspersed are pictures, mementos, and our wireless router.  The roses on the middle right shelf are from my maid of honors bouquet that she dried and mounted for me.

This is our “fiction” shelves.  I treat the thrift store like a library with a mandatory .50 fine because I buy the books but I either give them away or donate them back so the fiction shelf is all books that we love.  Top center are the Robert Jordan and Robin Hobb collections, Below are other a variety of Sci-fi and fantasy books.  The Harry Potter books are all supposed to be on the top left shelf but I guess the are scattered around the house because I only see one up there.  Second to bottom on the left is all Steven King and a few books on tape.  This shelf set is more messy because Lars sits by it…  This shelf also seems to have less accessories, just the Alice in Wonderland globe, the first gift Lars ever gave me, a crystal bowel wedding gift, and a favorite picture from our after prom party on the beach.

 As you can tell, I really did not clean these shelves but it is fun to show them to all of you, for a closer view click here

Back to a normal week

I really really really liked seeing my family and friends in NY and having a 5 day weekend but the routine part of me also likes having my normal day back…  I like my normal day work routine with breakfast and lunch breaks and my 5 big cups of water and my 1 big cup of coffee and having friendly coworkers around to chat with.  I wish there was a way to have both (maybe someday…).

 After work I had my 7 month eye exam and my eyes are still perfect, I have another followup in March to complete my 1 year cycle.  I am very pleased with the results but occasionally my brain forgets that I can see like first thing in the morning I still see fuzzy until I get up but I know that is 20 years of conditioning not reality.

I just finished my time on the elliptical and I think I am starting to look comical  with my belly protruding forward.  Today I grabbed the top workout shirt on the pile and it turned out to be very tight so for the first time I saw my reflection in tight profile in the glass doors next to me and it is funny, I’ll have to get a picture one of these days.

 I have a bunch of stuff to get done tonight, maybe I’ll even get them all done before Lars gets home in an hour (don’t put money on it).

Lazy Sunday

Not that I didn’t have a restful week but it was nice to have a day with few responsibilities.  I finished my book (and dad, I guessed the killer half way through), wrote my paper for school and did a few challenges on my online game site.  I’m thinking seriously about actually getting off my butt and winterizing the house or taking a walk or doing something other then sitting but the cat has me pinned down.

 Tomorrow is the start of another busy week, I have an eye dr apt, need to finish the scroll I started, school, an event, work, and I need to make a vet apt for the cats (Lars forgot).  Hope the 4 or 5 day weekend was fun for all.