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Weekend at Home

So far the weekend has been great.  Very nice weather and I had a fun morning with G2 in the cities and knitting on Saturday.

 I even found my cell phone before I knew it was lost!  Somewhere in the cities (near the museum I think) my phone fell out of my pocket and a nice old man named Don found it and called the last number dialed.  That person lead him through some menus until they figured out the phone belonged to me and by the time I got home she more or less had a plan to get my phone back and to me on Sunday!  It is so nice to have something like that work out so nicely and I’m glad there are good people out there willing to help a stranger.

 Thursday was my Minnisotiaversery – I have lived in MN for 5 years.  I still remember the first days and weeks here.

 This November I am going to try and post every day for National Blog Posting Month (sign up here to be in the official contest)  last year I missed it by one day!  I’m going to do my best but I don’t promise great posts daily 😉

17 weeks

I don’t believe I look this big… maybe it is the angle.  I’ve gained about 10 pounds and you can all see exactly where.  I have an apt Thursday so finger crossing for all good news.

I’m getting famous out there

Wow, I’m getting famous out there in blog comment land, in the past few days the topic of Lars and my upcoming reign has shanghaied 2 different comment sections then I’m on and I hear it is on a few more.  I suppose it means there are a lot of people that care and all in all it is a good learning experience. So this weekend was our first event as prince and princess and it was a lovely day at a nice close site and it was fun to sit and talk in the unseasonal sunshine outside.  It was also great to see so many people in Japanese, I think Beth was over the moon about how well her event went.  House guests were fun and we stayed up late playing games, Tom even came over because he can never pass up a game night.  After the event we all, at Tom’s suggestion, went to see 30 days of night and it was a gory vampire movie.  I don’t like to poke holes in movies but really, they ate almost everyone in the town on the first night, I think that is poor planning on their part.  It was a decent horror movie but is more or less predictable but the scenery and cinematography were really way better then the story.  I’m not sure I would recommend it but if it is your style move it was good for the genre.  Sunday we had a nice brunch and then I did laundry and a little homework but not much else.  The weather turned windy so there was no point in doing leaves.  I took a long nap and Lars and I watched 4 episodes of Rome, that show is just full of cliffhangers!  Lars had to work at midnight but I wasn’t tired due to the nap so I was poking around you-tube because there is a video of Lars’s final round in crown and I found a dozen pretty cool Pennsic videos posted.  If you have some time, just search Pennsic at you-tube and there is a good bunch, especially powerful for those who have been there but pretty descriptive for those of you who never have. Today was another work day, not too bad and there were even a few pleasant surprises on some projects.  Watching the debate over me is proving very fun and really cool since a few people have volunteered to help because I suppose they never thought we needed any!  The power of asking is wonderful, the worst people can say is no.  Tonight I need to get myself on the elliptical, I’m up about 10 pounds and while I’m not worried about my weight I am worried about my endurance and my desk sitting life is going to catch up with me.  I also need to finish the laundry and my homework and spend some time with Lars because he is gone a few days this week for training, maybe one of those days I’ll visit G2 for a knitting lesson (because I need another hobby) but the peer pressure to knit is too much to ignore!

Wow, hello new SCA people, hopefully the 40 or so new visitors due to the linkage will read my post below (and any other posts you feel like) and get a better feel for us.  I don’t intend this blog to be a bully pulpit for our reign but unlike last time I do hope to continue posting throughout the duration.  Last time I felt like I was under a microscope but I am who I am and my mom and aunt and sisters read this and I’m not going to quit sharing my life with them so all the rest of you are invited too!  Today flew by, between work e-mail and personal e-mails I think I can type 1000 words a min now.  The day was broken up nicely by a trip home for lunch, I’ve gotten out of the habit because the food at work is so tasty and easy and inexpensive (under $5 for basically dinner) but today all my lunch buddies are at other locations or traveling and I felt like flopping on the sofa and watching My Name is Earl.  I know it is a silly show but I really like it!  It has the potential to go on forever because the premise is so open ended and they don’t need to have that interesting an ongoing storyline to keep it all strung together.  Not that they are the same, but it is a bit like Law and Order, you really don’t need to watch every one to be entertained by any one episode. I am hoping that by Sunday it dries out here enough to do something about the leaves in the yard and generally winterizing.  I have a leaf blower/muncher and I plan on blowing all the neighbors leaves back to their lawn and I’ll much the backyard.  I wonder how much I could get into their dish…  That ugly thing is still there and I have not done anything about it.  I want to talk to them first and they never seem to be home when we are so it has been hard to catch them.  In about 10 min I am going home and doing my first official regalia minister job by digging out the Japanese banners to use at this event and something that I’m using as a template that is a surprise for my sleeve tournament (if the person helping me gets it done in time).  I suppose the first official job was getting all the photos together but so far nobody has wanted any regalia so I’m counting this as the first real job.   I also need to do a bit of tidying for house guests but I’m not knocking myself out plus it is still pretty clean.  I am glad I still have the upstairs guest room set up from when Mom visited, all I have to do is move the laundry basket and make the bed!  I’ll also choose different reading selection since the books I selected for the bedside table were more my mom’s taste and she is the only one I know that can read a full long novel in a weekend, usually I have short stories for guests just so there is something if they want to read for 10 min before sleeping.  Sure, I’m imposing my preferences on others but they can always ignore the books if they want. Next week should be nice and mellow, the regular stuff but nothing out of the ordinary.  Ok, time to go, hello again to the new SCA people~

Almost Friday

There is a huge part of me that wants to somehow skip work tomorrow but I know I have to go and have stuff to get done.  I think I’m just tired, both physically and mentally.  I think I’ve stayed up too late every night since last Thursday, last night was my earliest night but I don’t get home until 9:45!  Tuesday was supposed to be an earlyish night but we went to fight practice and then we went to Elizabeth (the movie) and it was really good.  I’m oddly opposite from lots of people, all action movies put me to sleep and dramatic dialogue heavy moves keep me interested and awake.  Elizabeth was very well done and though not all the costumes looked quite right, they did have good consistency with class level dress and the sets were awesome.  I think it is a little sad that she could never really marry because it would mean giving England away to some other country.  We didn’t get home until 12:30 so it was another late night.  I am missing my normal exercise level too, just too much going on to get in my regular routine.

Mentally this reign is starting with a bang.  Lots of e-mails, definitely more then last time.  Lars and I both seem to be holding down the fort equally and many thanks to G2 for her mamma bear impression.  I do hope things mellow out, I promise everyone in Northshield, we will not be doing anything radical!  Spread the word that we don’t eat babies nor do we hate any large groups of people. 

**I’m sorry to the few not SCA people who are reading this thinking I am off my rocker but winning crown last weekend basically means that Lars and I are the co-heads of a regain of a large nonprofit group and for the next year we recognize the positive things people do in their local groups and support all aspects by attending, participating, encouraging, dreaming up new cool things, and acting as general figure heads.  The general problem is that we are not originally from here and some (by no means all) people are really uncomfortable with someone new in this position.  In a nutshell that is the situation.  We can only say so many times that we mean no harm and we really do like it here and that in reality we have been more active here in the past 5 years then we were in the previous 5 in NY/NJ (I was inactive except for 2 events a year for all of college and half of high school).  Enough on this topic!  I’m sure this is roomer fodder enough for one day.**

This weekend we have house guests coming and it will be fun to see them, we all are going to an event and at some point I need to do some homework.  Luckily this class is fairly light on the weekly work and he more or less reads the book to us during class.  We have one big group project and the guy in our group is rocking through the financial end and the other girl and I are doing background, the presentation, and some minor detail help for him.  I have a feeling that he thinks he is doing the easy part and we are very glad to have him and his fear of presentations.  There are two more tests, the first one was super hard but I got a 15/20 so not too bad.  Anyone good with financial management want to lend a hand? 

Now it is time to decorate for Halloween and maybe run a bit (inside, slowly, on the elliptical).  Mom said my bump is getting bigger so maybe I’ll do pictures this weekend again, I’m going on 17 weeks now. 

Many things to talk about! I abandoned the blog last week to sew, study, go to class, do tons of work work, and get the house in general shape for visitors. It was great to see my mom and grandmother who came on a sudden trip due to a family death (yes I do/did have relatives in MN, 2nd cousins to be exact) and it was nice to see the other relatives who came out too. Although the occasion was intrinsically sad, the guest of honor had a long life and cancer so I think she was ok to go.

We made many trips to the airport from Thursday – Monday, first Mom and Grandy’s flight was on Thursday and was delayed to a midnight pickup so it was a long day for them and me. Friday day we did funeral stuff and the burial was right next to the airport in the military cemetery. Friday night Mom drove us to the airport for our trip to crown and then she was back to get us on Sunday morning and Monday afternoon I dropped them off for their return flight so in 5 days we were at the airport 5 times.

It was fun sightseeing a bit with guests, we went to Stillwater on Monday and took the scenic way back via Frankonia sculpture park. They took themselves on a ramble around MN on Saturday while we were at crown and ended up in Taylors Falls and they enjoyed the country charm and tiny villages but we all are glad we live in less rural areas. Monday night I went to see Kathy and spent some time doing e-mail after I got home. Last time I don’t remember this beginning volume of mail but I suppose I have a better idea of what I want/need to do early so I’m jumping in with both feet.

 I am more excited now then 2 days ago, I think I just needed to get over a few initial self confidence problems that I’m sure I’m just feeling more now due to stress and hormones. I have a busy week again, I need to do homework and Lars and I want to go to fight practice tonight plus we are now royalty for the event this weekend so it went from a frivolous day trip to a bit more of a responsibility. G2 and I decided this reign will be Italian at least for a while to accommodate forward growth and then we will have to see what works best. I am very glad there will be a royalty room for us so feeding can be nice and private.

It is odd being back at work on a Tuesday, it still feels like a Monday but I’m glad the Friday and Monday I was gone only created about 100 e-mails and no screaming emergencies so now it is time to plow through them….