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I am incubating an alarm clock

I really really really try not to allow bad habits to form like letting the cat in at night (they only meow for a few days) or turning the tap on for the cat (Lars does both and wonders why the cats practically trip him when he goes to the bathroom). I know that cats have a habit for playing their people if allowed and I’ve taught them good habits through good old skinner methods like they never eat people food, they wait until I pat my lap three times before they are allowed to sit on me and they turn the outside motion light on when they want to come in.  More unsuccessful training is trying to keep them off the counters, or, trying to get them to stop walking or sitting in front of my computer screen. 

 Anyway… my point was that I was not going to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, I knew it was more habit then need and so for 3 months I successfully avoided it.  For some reason for the past week I have had to get up at 6am precisely to go to the bathroom.  I don’t have to get up until 7 but I’ve done it too many times now that I’m stuck in the habit and breaking it will be hard.  I’m thinking about just getting up early and doing stuff but I’m not even sure what I would do~

So, I am growing an early bird, I suppose there are worse things out there.

Still pregnant

I was on my way out the door to the apt when I had about 5 questions fired at me, one from the new person I’m not all that fond of but I answered everyone and got out the door with about 7min to get to the doctors.  The office is only 3 miles away so it would be possible except for;

1. a herd (flock? murder? hoard) of turkeys crossing the road, there were about 30 of the ugly beasts.

2. the road from my work that intersects with the main road was closed for some sort of street fair meaning I had to take a random backroad detour.

3. Freak rainstorm in the bright daylight, this did not really slow me down but it was really odd and worth mentioning.  I was actually wearing sunglasses in a downpour.

4. Because of the detour I had to turn left onto a semi major road with no light *and* I was behind a garbage truck and an old lady.

So I ended up 10 min late and I don’t know if they put someone infront of me or what but I ended up waiting an additional 20min before my apt.

I always seem so psych myself out about these appointments, I really feel fine and I appear to be growing but I get the sick feeling they will find something wrong so my blood-pressure is always awful. 

In the end she found the heartbeat loud and clear in about 5 seconds and the baby was moving around alot so that was a good sign for her.  She also said that anytime I was worried I could come in for a heartbeat check with the nurse but she would not let me get a home Doppler (you need a prescription).  My next apt is in 4 weeks and at (8w from now) 20w I’ll have my next ultrasound to see gender and to see how everything is going.

now I am nice and relieved.

Oh and I was thinking Oct 7th for regalia review for anyone interested.

Waiting on 2 things, finally got 1 thing

First I finally got my new work computer!!!  It is quite liberating to know it won’t die docking or undocking (did so at random) and it has a nifty fingerprint id security thing too.  I played with it in class last night and got all the settings the way I want them.  Class by the way is odd… parts are interesting parts are incredibly dull.  The teacher assigned us to groups and I think I got a dud group as one of our three keeps missing class.  Anyway, he is a nice teacher and the so far fairly easy but I have never looked at the clock so many times during a class.   First thing I’m waiting on is 3:30 so I can go to my Dr Apt.  I don’t think I’ll get anything more interesting then a heartbeat check but I have an entire page of questions to ask so I’m looking forward to getting answers.  Hopefully one of the answers will be when we can do a sonogram to find out the gender.   Second thing I’m waiting for is my new camera!  I bought it last night on Amazon and it was $50 less then at best buy.  Best Buy should really change their name, they really are seldom ever the best buy but they are convenient…  Anyway, this is what I’m expecting on Monday and I’ll post belly pictures as soon as I get it.  This camera got great reviews and it has facial recognition and anti shake, all I need now for Lars to take a good picture is anti-cut-off-head and we will be good to go.  I still don’t know where my old camera went but if it turns up now, well, then I have 2 and I’m sure they won’t go to waste.   Note to those interested in regalia review ~ How about next Sunday?  We can do a review and photos of stuff G1 does not have and hopefully I can get an album together before crown. Ok, work time, got a lot to get done before I leave.


For the past month I’ve been jumping in and out of what I see as worlds where in some most people know I’m pregnant, in others basically all and in a few still almost nobody knows.  Friday I took the big step and told the Boss so now the work world is becoming more knowledgeable.  It was pretty easy to tell him really, I just went in and said I needed some time off and he said sure when and I said how about April and May?  He was funny, he spun his chair to look at the big wall calendar and he counted backwards from 9 starting in April and finished with a congratulations.  He is not perfect but he is a good boss.  So now I’m telling more people at work and after having taken the easy way with posting on the internet telling people face to face is much harder.  At this point all our SCA friends know, all my family, some of Lars’s family (I suppose anyone his mom told since we told her last week), and 1 person at school.  I don’t think I’ll really say anything in class since it is mostly guys but the one other woman noticed my maternity  pants and asked so she knows.  I think my friends from highschool may be last to know except for one good friend I keep in touch weekly with, I just feel silly calling them just to tell them this after not talking to them in about a year.  I tried my best to keep in touch but they just didn’t really reciprocate so I just let it go and I suppose a selfish part of me wants to keep this just for me and my real friends. Work today has been a rollercoaster, days at the offsite always are.  When I’m so close to the action I get involved in every little thing where on a normal day things below a certain level never get to me.  I suppose that is one of the reasons they separated the facilities…  I was frustrated enough that I took an early lunch and sat in my car in the park and read my book.  My current Dean Koontz is one via my dad I think I got from my sister and it is on the trite side but still decent.  It is full of purposefully stupid misunderstandings and while a few can be funny endlessly interrupting each other for a humorous misinterpretation of a phrase gets annoying.  I am interested in the base story and it is reasonably short so I’ll be on to something new soon. Last night I got most of my cleaning done and a few craft projects I have been working on.  I think I need to just buy a new camera since my old one went missing at Pennsic and I really want to take pictures of my projects and of my growing belly.  Time for more work if I want to get out of here on time

I’m back

Hi!  I’m still alive.   I was never near not alive just basically 2 weeks of run of the mill stuff.  I’ve been more busy at work then average meaning that my normal 15 break where I read the blogs I like and write something has been cut out most days.  Nothing really outstanding at work, just more time sensitive stuff and some local travel to see how projects are running. I’m glad to be looking at the end of the first trimester.  I know things could have been worse so I should not really complain but this weekend I actually had energy for the first time in weeks (months?).  I don’t know why but I went through all our bathroom cabinets and threw out old stuff and reorganized everything.  I also got going on putting away all things that don’t fit me anymore or are out of season.  Out of 4 loads of laundry I ended up keeping 2 pairs of yoga pants and 3 work out shirts.  I said goodbye to all fitted t-shirts an most of my pants.  I have not hit my dresser yet but I have a feeling it will look rather empty by the end of the week.  At least this is happening at season change so I can do it all at once.   Last week Lars declared I could not go on wearing my regular pants with rubberbands holding them shut.  I was ok with it but I do agree it was only a temporary solution.  Last Tuesday we went to the big mall where there is one of the few old navy maternity departments and tried on lots of pants.  I ended up with a great pair of jeans and two decent pairs of work pants.  We also went to modern maternity who has way better office clothing and they seem to fit me better and got another two pairs there and a shirt.  Most of my regular work shirts still fit but you can see the elastic part of the pants sometimes, I suppose next step is shirts.  As far as I know everything is growing in there ok, I am showing and everything.  My next appointment is this Thursday afternoon and all should be confirmed. SCA has been mellow, since my last post we went to coronation and it was fun and at a nice site.  Driving on the weird back roads of Wisconsin lead me to believe that the road engineers were given an etch-a-sketch as a drafting tool because where the road wasn’t making complete 90 degree turns is was wiggling in weird unmarked curves.  We also went to Cecil’s siege and it was a very laid back event.  Lars had fun fighting in the corn maze (they had it mowed like a castle) and I chatted and mostly napped.  It was the first really cold day of the season and it caught people by surprise.  Coincidently it has been much warmer ever since that day.  Crown is the next big thing on the agenda.  It is actually the only thing firm on our calendar because the result will influence our plans after.  Lars is excited and so am I, I think it will be a fun day no matter what. Lars is on a business trip today and tomorrow so tonight I hope to get the rest of the house organized.  I intended to do that this weekend and I had a great start on Saturday but Sunday we had promised to help a friend move.  We figured we would be there at 10 and done by 1 since he said he would have everything packed and ready to go.  We got there and it was more like they forgot they were moving because there was TONS of stuff everywhere.  There were about 50 boxes of books packed and a ton of magazines in their cardboard shelf storage thing (they had and were moving issues of Pop Sci from the early 80’s) the only good thing was that I was in charge of the truck packing so it was like a nice big puzzle.  I bet if their house was fully packed we could have done 100% in one truck with a few fragile things in cars however in the state of unpack it was we left at 2 after one truck load and they still did not have their bed out the door because they did not have any tools to take it apart.  It was a mess.  I got home, took a shower, and slept until 6pm.  We ate a light late dinner after taking a nice long walk to stretch out and then we watched Pans Layberenth.   I put it on our netflix cue thinking it would be fun and we have had it sitting for 2 weeks unwatched so we either had to watch it or return it because I want the rest of my picks. It was a weird movie, the previews were very misleading and it was in Spanish.  It was very visually interesting and the story was good too but it was an odd combination of elements. Well, this is hopefully a good update for those I have not talked to in my two weeks ‘off’, my Irish aunts are now reading too so I’ll try to be more consistent

Happy Birthday Mom

thats all for now, hope the gift got there on time.