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99 degrees

I have an 87 item list to pack for Pennsic.  I have garb as 1 line so 87 is nowhere near the number of actual things I intend on packing for this trip.  The list has three columns, first is the item, second is what I want to pack it into, and third is where I believe the item is right now.  I sorted the list according to location so the plan is to go to that room and pack everything I need from it then move to the next.  I hope to get quite a bit packed before/this weekend so I can get it down to G2’s so we can prepack the trailer.  I also need to do all my homework and I want to make a new under and over dress so maybe tonight or Saturday. It is impressively hot here, we are at 99 today and it has been hot all week.  The Company just experienced a brown out so it is slowly getting hotter in the building now that the AC is off.  More annoying then that is all the UPS’s beeping because they lost power for a moment and they are frantically telling the world that their backup power is being used!  A lot of the people who have them are out at a work function so IS is wandering around listening for beeps.  Boss D said that if it gets hotter we all need to work from home but since it is 2 already, I’m sure I can stick it out.  There is supposed to be severe weather today too but so far it is just hot and sunny. Nothing much more reportable at this time, all my focus is to vacation in just 1 more week.

Done with Harry Potter

My willpower could not resist the Harry Potter book. I sat down and read the whole thing between Sat night and Sunday. I did do other things, just not all the things I was intending to do. Saturday was fairly productive, I made a dress for pennsic and finished most of the kids clothes. I still need to add drawstrings and buttons but that is pretty minor. I washed all the fabric and did many many loads of laundry so we have all clean stuff to take to pennsic, I also finished July bills and money moving for the month. I still have 2 weeks until Pennsic but I also have to do 3 school assignments, 2 days lost to class, a trip up north for work that will eat an entire day (leave at 5am return at 8pm) so in that ‘free’ time remaining I need to time manage carefully. The book itself was very enjoyable. I was satisfied that I was right on a few important things and I think she handled the ending well. It is killing me that I can’t talk to Lars about it because he has not started yet. I know he will like it too but he isn’t as fast a reader as I am. (I really can’t claim speed reading here because the print is pretty big and the formatting leaves a lot of empty space so the book really isn’t as long as it seems.) Lars spent the weekend fighting off a cold that I hope I don’t get, and, playing his game in peace while I sewed, cleaned, and read. We left the house 2 times, once to grocery shop and once to get icecream (medicinal of course). I kept intending to get outside more and I did mow the lawn for about 45min but then I broke the handle, the bolt that held it together just disappeared, I looked all over but I can’t find it so I need a replacement but that short circuited my mowing. Nothing else fun is going on, work is more mellow so far but who knows what the week will hold.

Harry Potter Party

I saw an invitation for the Harry Potter Party at the local mall and in looking up details I found that the Mall of America was doing a party too.  It was too good to resist so Lars and I headed out at 9:30 and had a good time mingling and taking in the scene.  We were some of the better dressed but Lars is not that good at taking pictures so you have to take my word that my dress was way more cool then it looks.  My favorite is tied between Hagrid and the house elves.  We did not stand in line for the book because we preordered but it was a fun evening out. (click for all photos)


I am extremely rich with books right now! I have Harry Potter 7 supposedly arriving tomorrowI am re-reading Harry Potter 5 and 6 and I’m only mid 5I have book two from Robin Hobb And Lars finally finished the George R Martian final book Feast for Crows. On top of all that I have economics homework to read and two assignments and a final all due between now and the 6th.  I’ve completed a few more pieces of tiny garb and hopefully this weekend I can finish out the short person wardrobe, do one of my assignments, and cut out a dress for me.  It is only two weeks until Pennsic and I have so much to do!

Our Cat

Lars and I went for a walk tonight and for at least the fifth or sixth time our cat Jingles walked with us.  The first few times we thought we were just running into each other as she did the cat thing around the neighborhood but after a few times, she seems to be walking with us.  Usually she walks a tiny bit ahead but she walks right next to us and slightly behind too.  We don’t know if she is herding us or just enjoys the walk but once she walked our entire mile route with us.  By the time we get back she is usually pretty tired but she is always there for the next walk.  Maybe she is seeking to fulfill Lars’s not too secret desire to have a dog.

Weekend Review

Once again it is Monday and I’m recovering from the weekend.  Sometimes work is the quiet part of the week.  I had a very kid heavy Saturday with a baptism and a birthday party;  The star of the show at a baptism is expected to be a baby but the guest of honor at the birthday party was turning 39 however there were 2 kids under 1, 1 three year old and a 6 & 10 year old out of a party of 15 guests, oh, and one guest was pregnant.  Needless to say the men fled to all BBQ and I sat with all the mommies and babies until the one sole other non parent arrived hours later. Sunday was sewing day.  We have a new guy in the group who is going to Pennsic and he needs something to wear.  He was very game to try sewing, his sewing resume consisted of 1 home-ec pillow, but he really didn’t do too badly.  Another friend was sewing a much more complicated garment and his sewing machine decided to have a bad day… hopefully it gets better but Sunday was pretty frustrating for him.  Earlier in the day we all went to the awesome big fabric store and I got some great deals on remnants that will round out my TJ wardrobe and I got a few nice fabrics for myself too.  They were having a 20% the entire order so I got way more then I planned to but I ‘saved money’.  I did not get too much of my sewing done because of the supervision duties and the fact that my sewing machine was occupied but I did cut out a few things so not a total loss. Today my aunt sent me a link to my cousins site, it is very impressive especially the work he did for his school.  I never knew he was so talented and so musical.  Tonight is school and the rest of the week is actually wide open so I hope to get my sewing done.  Pennsic is only a few weeks away and I still have an assignment and a final to go in class so I need to work while I have time.