The week to come is long

This is going to be a hectic week.  Tonight is my first class for the summer and it starts at 5:30 and ends at 9:45 and goes from tonight until the first week of Aug…  It is Managerial accounting and the syllabus actually looks like the class will be fairly interesting and the teacher has each class broken up into small group work and large group discussion.  I hope he is a good teacher, that really does make the difference.  I got the book delivered on Saturday and my mail man (or woman) choose to cram this book into the mailbox too.  This has happened in the past and I thought the post office agreed to not do it but this time there was the added bonus of heavy rain and since the mailbox was misshapen due to the enormous book crammed in it didn’t close so my book was rather wet when I opened it.  I wrote another letter to the post office and attached their response from last time and today I called our local office who said they would talk to the carrier so I be nothing happens.  Very frustrating and now I have a book that looks like it lived in a damp basement for 10 years that is brand new and expensive.  I hope it does not grow mold. 

This Wed and Thursday I have an offsite meeting with the entire department and I’m sure it will be fun enough but it really is a big drain on the week to miss 2 work days, a night at home, and drive 6 hours.  We are going to do fun stuff and bond and listen to the future of the department speeches so it will be a semi painful waste of two days but there are worse things in the world.   

Yesterday I returned flooring and spent the money that I was refunded and it was a fun trip.  We also went to macy’s where we wandered for hours to find 2 pairs of pant that I like and fit but my shopping partner had way better luck so it was a good trip.  I know I should not be surprised by sizes BUT my normal pants size is a 6… I brought home a size 4 and a size 10.  The 10 is a tiny bit big but not big enough to be 2 sizes too big and the same with the 4.  I need to get some more work stuff but Macy’s was just a bit too formal for my work needs so in the next few days I want to hit the Kohles sale (buy one get one free!).  I also need to make an apt to help make my tent but the tent lady is getting ready for lilies so her time is limited.  G2 and I have already planned to do poles this coming weekend so we are making progress.   

Well, 10 min before class, I should take another crack at the e-mail and then get going.


2 responses to “The week to come is long”

  1. Liz says :

    I like being called the tent lady. This works for me. ;^)

    Sorry this week won’t work, but we can get busy on the sewing when I get back.


  2. Shannon says :

    Ooh…I need 2 poles for my old wedge…then it will become a sunshade with a wind-break! If you guys pick a weekend to learn poles, lemme know!


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