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Project complete!

This project has been in the works for 2 years… finally finished.

Before (well, the true before was a blank wall, but the shelves have been done for a while now just had unfinished tops);


and the other side of the room….

Lars was a huge help with the final assembly and much thanks to G2 for the loan of the air nailer.

Forgot to mention…

I forgot to point out in the picture of me on the motorcycle that I am wearing my Doc Martin boots I got for my 16th birthday that I promised I would wear forever.¬† 11 years later and they are still in good shape ūüôā

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Wow, I have left this blog idle a long time!¬† In the past 2 weeks I’ve been pretty busy with work and school and SCA and getting ready for Lars’s party and making a tent and occasionally sleeping…

 Today we hit the half way point on our 3 tent project, that is, 1.5 tents done.  I think I need to devote Wed evening to finishing depending on how much G2 gets done tomorrow night, apparently we are taking shifts on this project.  The big industrial machine really helps but nomatter what, it is a huge project and we want it done for two weekends from now.

Friday – this morning we were at an event in Chicago.¬† It was fairly relaxing flying in but since we were meeting 4 other people all flying in at different times we ended up not doing anything cool in Chicago because we were constantly waiting for someone to arrive.¬† At least we did it well rested…¬† By last night we had all stayed up too late and socialized too much and this morning was definitely less spry then Friday.¬† I got home in time to do about half my homework and then went to the tent ladies house.

Last weekend I worked like mad on a few projects but none are actually done so no pictures yet.

¬†Work is extra crazy, it is model year so all the new programs need babysitting plus my parts are the most prone to random failure so I’m firefighting daily and working late most days.

¬†That is about it in a nutshell.¬† I don’t think I’m slowing down anytime soon either but if I wasn’t busy I would be bored.

Big week

I feel like I had an exhausting weekend in the middle of my week.  Once a year the entire department goes offsite for long range planning, successful project reviews, and general bonding.  All the times I consider quitting because of some insane problem dropped on my head, it is things like this that make the workplace a good place to be.  I like basically all my coworkers and I would even call some of them friends, good thing because I spend 8-10 hours a day with them.  This trip I rode on the back of one of the brand new, just released in Jan, Victory Vision motorcycle.

I look odd in all the gear but it was pretty cool out so being warm was worth it.¬† The person I’m riding with is an awesome rider, it seemed like the bike was an extension of himself and I got over any fear I had very quickly because he was so good.¬† He was good enough that I could take pictures of the other riders in the group, we did this at about 60 mph but I got a few good shots.

The Vision was very comfortable but even so, after a few hours you have to wonder why people think this is a great way to travel.¬† It is fun to ride around, but, I can see better in a car and it gets a little dull after a while.¬† I can say you can smell the country side, sometimes that isn’t so wonderful though…¬† It is a powerful machine and it is very cool that I buy/source every part of the engine you can see.

¬†We were offsite for one night and two days so Thursday night I was exhausted and Friday was a huge catch up day and Friday night it was suddenly my ‘birthday’.¬† It is actually my half birthday but my friend in Stacy decided that it was too hard to fit my birthday in with christmas so there was a mini surprise party for me, and it was truly a surprise because I really didn’t expect a birthday in June.¬† Ironically, her birthday is on Monday so I brought her a cake so we surprised eachother.¬†

 Today I have a HUGE list of things to get done, putting together Ikea furnature, putting all the molding up, cleaning up all the messes I have made with this room project plus the normal stuff I have to get done.  I also need to do homework, having a class on Monday is going to be a challange in that respect.


I must say, this class is 100xs better then the last one.¬† The teacher is intelligent and dynamic and his only flaw is he is one of those teachers who wants you to say a wrong answer so he can then say the right one.¬† I learned more tonight then I did in the entire other class.¬† It does not hurt that this guy has experience teaching and I actually like economics (and don’t like stats) but I am bursting with economic theory that I truly want to geekly talk about and I have no outlet to do so.¬†

Time for some TV and laundry folding then sleepy time.